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Turns Sebastian into a yandere. Includes over 200 lines of pre- AND post-marriage dialogue, festival dialogue, and much more! See the description for a full list of features!

ATTENTION: !!! The dialogue will NOT show up if you have less than 2 hearts with Sebastian !!!

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Hello everyone! If you have a thing for yanderes like me, this should be a treat for you! Enjoy! 

NEW: A female bachelor variant of this mod for Genderbent Sebastian (Sabrina) has been released by Vilebeggar. Click here!

* This mod is intended to be fictional and was created for personal interest and use. I do not condone murder or overly possessive behavior. If you are sensitive to such topics, as this mod includes mentions of killing, (two instances of animal killing) stalking, and obsessive behavior, I ask that you would not download it for your own safety.


* Turns Sebastian into a yandere who is obsessed with you! This mod adds to and overhauls Sebastian's dialogue.


- over 200 lines of both pre-marriage and post marriage dialogue, and festival dialogue.
- unique lines for when you've divorce or are rejected by Sebastian, as well as comments towards your current spouse if you're already married.
- Robin, along with bachelors and bachelorettes around Sebastian's age group will comment on his behavior during the different seasons.
- unique lines for receiving a bouquet or a mermaid's pendant.


STEP 1 * Install both SMAPI and Content Patcher
* Extract/Open this file with either Winrar or 7zip.
* Copy the folder named "[CP] Yandere Sebastian Dialogue Expansion" and paste it into your Mods folder, NOT the Content Patcher folder.
STEP 2 (optional): * Install MissCoriel's NPC Unique Courtship response
 Open "config.json" and change Sebastian's setting from "enabled" to "disabled" to see the unique pendant/bouquet dialogues
* and now you're done! Your Seb is now crazy for you!


* You are definitely allowed to use this mod in screenshots, videos, gameplay, etc!
* You are definitely allowed to combine this mod with whatever you want and edit it however you wish for your own use!
* However, please ask my permission before reuploading its download here, or somewhere else! Thank you!