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Adds immersive engagement and wedding day event options for Elliott.

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This mod is for players who want a more challenging wedding route, or for players who want a more immersive engagement period and wedding
day with Elliott.

Ever wonder what your spouse is doing during those three days of wedding planning?

This mod features a closer look at the details of your wedding with Elliott and includes: 
-       Your choice of a spouse-based personalized ceremony (10,000g*) (seasonal) (*As of V. 2.0.0)
-       Wedding planning and coordination event with Lewis
-       A special engagement gift event with Elliott
-       New ceremony and reception music
-       Three new wedding day events with Elliott (Post-Ceremony, Reception, Post-Reception)

Elliott’s wedding arch and decoration designs are based on my other mod “Elliott Scottish Wedding Kilt” (which as of V. 2.0.0 is now REQUIRED). The main feature of the ceremony includes the Clan Lockhart Tartan and blue thistles (the national flower of Scotland), along with slight seasonal variations based on Elliott’s personality and preferences.

*All wedding décor is compatible with both Vanilla and Stardew Valley Expanded town maps.*

How to use this mod (light spoilers):

Part 1 - Pre-engagement:

-       Upgrade House to level 1 (needed for marriage)
-       Purchase Mermaid Pendant and give it to Elliott.

Part 2 - Engagement (3 days):

Day 1: The same day you give Elliott the Mermaid’s Pendant, make sure you have at least 10,000g available before you go to sleep. You will need this to trigger Mayor Lewis’ event regarding wedding decorations.

 Day 2: Mayor Lewis will appear at your front door and give you the option between two different ceremony types (fancy 10,000g or standard vanilla). If you choose the 10000g ceremony, Mayor Lewis will deduct the funds and give you the “Enchanted Mead Horn” crafting recipe. An invoice for wedding expenses will also appear in the mail the following day (optional).

*You must have seen this event before the Day 3 event is available. *

Day 3 (optional): Go to Elliott’s cabin between 10 AM and 11 AM. Make sure you have an Enchanted Mead Horn in your inventory. You will receive a special engagement event with Elliott. This is completely optional and will not impact your wedding ceremony or wedding day events.

Part 3 - Wedding Day:

Event 1 (Marriage Ceremony)
: The marriage ceremony will commence in the Town Square at 6 AM. Special music will play after Mayor Lewis pronounces you officially married (see Tips and Recommendations below for more details) 

Event 2  (Post-Ceremony): Enter your farmhouse between 6 AM and 7 AM. A special post-ceremony event will play between you and Elliott. During this event, Elliott will remind you about the Wedding Reception at the Stardrop Saloon between 7 PM and 9 PM. The Post Ceremony event is completely optional, but only available if you have the Enchanted Mead Horn recipe in your inventory. *Please be sure your front doorway is clear of any objects or chests – see mod photos for reference*

Event 3 (Wedding Reception): Enter the Stardrop Saloon between 7 PM and 9 PM. A special wedding reception event will play between you, Elliott, and the entire town. This event is completely optional, but only available if you have the Enchanted Mead Horn recipe in your inventory. However, depending on your choices here, you may or may not be eligible to see the final event (Event 4). 

Event 4 (Post-Reception): Enter your farmhouse between 10 PM and 2 AM. An intimate exchange between you and Elliott will play (PG-PG 13). *Please note: your bed MUST be in the default position after you upgrade your farmhouse for this event to play properly. This event will also end the day, so be sure to ship any items before entering the farmhouse. 

*NEW* Additional Features:

Scottish Dialogue: After Elliott marries the player, he’ll start using Scottish Gaelic terms of endearment in his dialogue options (Vanilla dialogue only). A brief list of each with translation. Please note: You must have the "enchanted mead horn" recipe to see this additional/overhaul dialogue appear. 

- “Mo ghràdh/a ghràidh”: “My love”
- “Mo chridhe”: “My heart”
- “Mo leannan”: “My sweetheart”/” My lover”
- “M’eudail”: “My darling”
- “A thasgaidh”: “My dear”
- "Tha gaol agam ort": "I love you"

Additional words/terms/phrases:

- "Seadh": " "Yes" (Affirmative)
- "Slàinte!": "Cheers!"
- "Madainn mhath": "Good Morning"
"An duine agam gaolach": "My lovely husband"
- "Mo bhean ghaolach": "My lovely wife"
- "Tha": "Yes" (in context)
- "Athair": "Dad/Father"

(*Please see below for more details about my inclusion of Scottish Gaelic in Elliott's dialogue*)

New Portraits/Sprites: During both the Post Ceremony and Wedding Reception events, Elliott will have new portraits and sprites based on his seasonal designs from Elliott’s Scottish Wedding Kilt mod. (Now a mod requirement in v.2.0.0.).
*Please note: These new portraits/sprites are not yet compatible with other sprite/portrait editing mods. Compatibility with other mods will be added in a future update. (If you'd like, please send me a link to which mods you'd like to add compatibility with in the "Posts" section - it will help make things easier on my end). 


Mod Requirements:
-       SMAPI
-       Content Patcher
-       Json Assets
-       Mail Framework Mod
-       Custom Music
-       SAAT- Audio API and Toolkit
-       Elliott Scottish Wedding Kilt (As of V. 2.0.0)

Mod Pairings (optional, but highly recommended):
-       Paisley’s Bridal Boutique (GMM)
-       Dynamic Night Time (Note: This mod is NOT recommended for winter weddings, as it makes the ceremony too dark to see.)
-       MissCoriel's Unique Courtship Responses
-       Elliott's Marriage Dialogue ReWritten - PG 13 (Note: as of version 2.1.0 this mod needs to be installed to see more Scottish Gaelic included in Elliott's dialogue. Again, this is optional, but more dialogue options won't be available without this prerequisite).

Tips and Recommendations:

1. The Dragon’s Tooth can be found on Ginger Island in the Volcano Dungeon, but it can also appear in the Stingray Pond if there is a population of at least 9. It is recommended that you have at least 1 dragon’s tooth before proposing to Elliott.

2. The total amount leading up to your wedding (Including: House Upgrade 1, Mermaid’s Pendant, and Personalized Ceremony) is 25,000g. This excludes any wedding outfits from Paisley’s Bridal Boutique and any items required for the Enchanted Mead Horn. It is highly recommended you have a fair bit of money saved up (before proposing) to cover all expenses.

3. Elliott’s engagement event (optional) is only available 1 day before your wedding. You MUST trigger the event during this period, as it will not happen after you are married. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you have all items needed to craft the Enchanted Mead Horn before you propose to Elliott (1 gold bar, 1 dragon’s tooth, 1 mead).

4. The special wedding music will only appear after Mayor Lewis officially pronounces you married. This is a coding issue and will be fixed with SDV’s 1.6 upcoming release. It is recommended you wait before clicking through the post-marriage dialogue to listen to the full song.  

5. The wedding song used in this mod is set to replace the original wedding song in the game's code. If you don't want this song to play during every wedding, please remove the "(CM) Elliott Immersive Wedding" file from the mod folder. 

About this Mod:

Elliott is an ISFP who is quirky, grandiose, and romantic but also largely misunderstood by others.

In the beginning, his superficial traits tend to rub people the wrong way (melodramatic, vain, and “life-is-a-stage” type attitude) but getting to know and befriend him over the course of the game, we come to see him as a deeply passionate and highly motivated person, who is unapologetically true to himself and his values, despite the odds and adversity. 

Throughout your friendship, you see Elliott come out of his shell more and engage with the others around him, despite his history of rejection and discouragement. Though much of his personal growth can be seen through heart events, dialogue, (and stalking him around town), I wanted to delve deeper into his character and explore how his choice to move to Pelican Town has shaped his personal growth, including his relationship with others in town - and most importantly - his relationship with the farmer, from friendship to marriage. 


The Future of this Mod:

This is a continuation of my cultural wedding mod series, with a more detailed and intimate engagement and wedding experience with Elliott. My goal is to continue to add more events for players to experience down the line, including:
-       Bachelor/Bachelorette party for the player
-       A potential honeymoon event (at Ginger Island? Maybe?)
-       Scottish Gaelic Background (Elliott's Grandma)

I am unsure if I will be creating any other immersive weddings for the other marriage candidates, as it would take a lot of work and time away from other projects that I’m more passionate about. Elliott is my favourite bachelor, so I’ll probably just stick with events surrounding him for the foreseeable future.

Q: Is this mod available in any other languages?
A: As of right now, this mod is only available in English. However, translations are welcome and will be implemented in updated versions of this mod (with translation credit).  

Q: Why is Elliott suddenly speaking Scottish Gaelic after marriage?

A: The basic premise of my Scottish Elliott mods is that Elliott is of Scottish Ancestry/Descent, but not necessarily directly from Scotland.
He learned a few Scottish Gaelic phrases and words from his grandmother, who would speak with her family in this super affectionate way. My idea of incorporating Gaelic into his marriage dialogue is it's something quite special and precious to him, and would only be something he would open up to with his new spouse (and children). At least, this is the direction I've chosen for my Scottish Elliott mods.

I plan on adding at least 1 new event where Elliott will open up about his family and background and explains why he chooses to express his love and affection with the player using Scottish Gaelic in many of his dialogue options. 


Requests for other marriage candidates/NPCs are NOT being accepted.

Any messages or PMs requesting mods for other characters will be ignored and/or deleted. Repeat offenders will be given a final warning and subsequently banned if they ask again. This may seem harsh, but this project is something I’ve been doing for free in my spare time, and receiving a bombardment of requests is incredibly stressful.

Questions and polite suggestions are welcome, but requests are not.

Commissions for other characters/NPCs MAY be accepted but will be very expensive ($300+ USD).
**PLEASE DON"T DOWNLOAD THIS MOD FROM SITES OTHER THAN NEXUSMODS!** NexusMods is the only website I've uploaded this Mod to. If you
see this mod on any other website(s), it has been uploaded by someone else without my permission. Please only upload this Mod from Nexus :) Thank you!