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Modded your horse into a motorized vehicle?
Want it to Vroom rather than Clop Clop? Well now you can.


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Have you altered your horse into some kind of motorized vehicle?  

Is it producing clopping noises as if it were a horse ?  

Would you prefer that said vehicle sounded like a vehicle rather than a horse?   

Well then use this mod, that is its purpose.  

Requires: Platonymous's Custom Music Mod

Installation Instructions:
Step 0: Install SMAPI
Step 1: Install Content Patcher
Step 2: Install Pytk
Step 3: Install Platonymous's Custom Music Mod
Step 4: Install This Mod by unpacking the zip file and placing the folder "Horse to Vehicle" in your Mods Folder
Step 5: Enjoy your new lifestyle 

Prefer No Sound?  Well, MissCoriel has you covered. 
Just use "No Clop If It's Not a Horse it Shouldn't Gallop Mod" 

For the Custom Music mod: Platonymous 
For File Format : MissCoriel
For Audacity: The Audacity Team   

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ElectroCrumpet 's Motorcycles (Content Patcher)
DrexomXander 's Content Patcher - Durarara Horse and Motorcycle
                              Content Patcher - Dirt bike (9 colors)
clefairykid's        Ducati Motorbike
KimJung's          Horse to Vroomer Mod for Great Leaders

Original 4 second Audio File:  Unknown ???