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Shows the locations of NPC on the map page. Uses a modified map page that is much more accurate to the game.

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Shows NPC locations on the map. Uses a modified map page that is much more accurate to the game. Includes various settings to customize when to show NPCs.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.

For StardewValley v1.2+ and SMAPI v2.0+
If you have issues, double-check that you have the lastest version of SMAPI.


- Open up the map from the game menu tab or by pressing "M." Use the TAB or Y on the controller to open the mod menu. Use SPACE or D-Pad to change the name tool-tip location.
- If you want to change the open menu key, go to the config.json file and change the string value of menuKey.
- The mod will automatically disable/re-enable snappy cursor movement for controller users when opening/closing the map.

Mod Menu Settings

Always Show Villagers:

Shows everyone all the time.

Show Villagers Player Has Talked To:
Hides villagers the player hasn't talk to yet for the day.

Hide Villagers Player Has Talked To:
Hides villagers the player has talked to for the current day.

Only Show Villagers in Player's Location (toggle):
Hides Villagers who are not in the player's locations. NPCs inside of buildings will count as being in the respective location.

Only Show Villagers Within Specified Heart Level (toggle):
Hides Villagers who are not within the specified heart levels. Min and max are inclusive.
For example, if you only want to show NPCs with less than 4 hearts, set min to 0 and max to 3.
If you only want to show NPCs with at least 4 hearts but less than 11, set min to 4 and max to 10.

Extra Settings
- Show hidden villagers
Hidden Villagers will now be shown on the map with their markers dimmed.

- Show quests or birthdays
Birthday NPCs will have a gift icon and Quest NPCs will have a ! icon.

- Show traveling merchant
Will mark traveling merchant on the map when she is around.

- Show custom NPCs
Only shows up if custom NPCs are installed.

Include/Exclude villagers
Include or exclude which NPCs get shown. They will not show up even if "Show Hidden Villagers" is enabled.

Custom Configurations
In config.json, the villagers and any custom NPCs sprite crops for map markers can be adjusted.
How cropping works:
You can change how the custom NPC's head is cropped to show up on the map by changing the number for villager or "crop" for custom NPCs. Setting it to 3 will move the NPC sprite 3 pixels, setting it to -3 will move the NPC sprite down by 3 pixels. It is set to 0 by default and will probably only need to be tweaked for custom NPC sprites that are particularly tall or short.

Find "villagerCrop": { } and add villagers like so. This is the setting for this mod

"villagerCrop": {
   "Alex": 3,
   "Elliott": 2,
   "Harvey": 5,
   "Sam": 2,
   "Sebastian": 3

Custom NPCs
Find "customNPCs". There will already be an entry if you have custom NPCs installed. If it does not automatically generate an entry, then carefully make sure you installed the custom NPC correctly.

"customNPCs": {
   "Florence": {
      "id": 1,
      "crop": 0,


- Error Logs from SMAPI Console (if any)