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A somewhat spiritual successor to the Free Dusty mod, with added extras... such as an overhauled dog pen.

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A somewhat spiritual successor to the Free Dusty mod, with added extras... such as an overhauled dog pen. Dusty now wanders around the town and goes in his doghouse in the evenings unless the weather is bad or it's winter when he goes inside Alex's house. He now has a new doghouse pre-trash bear and his pen is much bigger and is no longer closed off! He even has a few lines of inspection dialogue added, which can also be optionally disabled. An optional snow roof variant for the doghouse in winter can also be enabled, you can find these options via GMCM or the config file that is generated in this mods folder. As of version 2.0 Dusty now moves to the farm when you are married to Alex, provided you have built him a doghouse to live in! The doghouse becomes available from Robin after you have gotten married. It's not recommended to build more than one doghouse otherwise issues may occur. I have done my best to limit the player from building more than one but the doghouse doesn't disappear from the shop menu until you exit and re-enter Robin's home due to how the game works.

I have also fixed a vanilla issue where during the Alex 4 Heart event, Dusty is shifted one pixel to far over to the right so he doesn't line up with the entrance of his doghouse as such this may cause issues with other mods that alter this event.

Secret Note #20 is altered using the version from SVE as the position of the dog pen entrance breaks the solution to the vanilla version.

If NPC Map Locations is installed Dusty's Pen will be marked on the World Map.

Instructions for custom spawn tiles are on the GMCM page for spawn settings, look for [SMAPI] Dusty Overhaul. Not to be confused with [CP] Dusty Overhaul which is for all other settings.

Not compatible with SVE, the mod auto disables itself if SVE is detected so it is safe to have both installed. May be incompatible with other mods, let me know about these and i might be able to add compatibility in future updates!


Stardew Valley Reimagined 3 (Set Town Map Style to SVR3 via GMCM or config file)
Way Back Pelican Town/Gwen's Medieval Buildings (Mod auto detects if these are installed, only recolour options apply in config when installed)
Elle's Town Animals
Portraiture (for HD portraits)
Free Love
Immersive Spouses
DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour (Set Colour Scheme to DaisyNiko via GMCM or config file)
Vibrant Pastoral Recolour (Set Colour Scheme to VibrantPastoralOrange or VibrantPastoralGreen via GMCM or config file)
Starblue Valley Recolour (Set Colour Scheme to Starblue via GMCM or config file)
A Wittily Named Recolour (Set Colour Scheme to WittilyNamed via GMCM or config file)
Eemie's Just A New Map Recolour (Set Colour Scheme to EemieOrange or EemieGreen via GMCM or config file)
Stardew Foliage Redone (Set Colour Scheme to FoliageRedone via GMCM or config file)
Weather Wonders
Project Danger Weather

Multiplayer Compatible (Some settings in config may need to match across all players to avoid issues)


Dusty Portrait by: HopeWasHere from Stardew Valley Expanded by FlashShifter & used with permission.

Dusty HD Portrait by: talkohlooeys from talkohlooeys' Portraits

Dusty Sprite by: sallychan & tweaked by: mateus3c

Alternate Dusty Sprite by: SmolHooman from Domestic Animals

Way Back Pelican Town/Gwen's Medieval Buildings compatibility uses (with permission) Small/Large Doghouse & Dog bowls sprites by Gwen from Way Back Pelican Town

Secret Note #20 image from Stardew Valley Expanded by FlashShifter

Recolour compatibility options use recoloured Large Doghouse sprites by grapeponta, Lita, Acerbicon & Hesper from there respective mods: Vibrant Pastoral Recolor, Starblue Valley World Recolor, A Wittily Named Recolor & Stardew Foliage Redone.