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  • Adjusting Marker Cropping For Modded Sprites and Custom NPCs

    This article is outdated. See

    The mod crops the villager heads from the sprites to create map markers. For any custom sprites or sprite re-textures, this will have to be adjusted.

    EDIT: The text shown in the image has been changed. It is now "CustomNpcMarkerOffsets" instead of "CustomCropOffsets".

    - Open the NPC Map Locations "globals.json" config file from "NPCMapLocations\config".
    - Find "CustomNpcMarkerOffsets": {}
     and inside of the brackets, add changes to villagers by adding "": , where a positive offset lowers the sprite and a negative offset raises the sprite. You will most likely have to do some trial-and-error to figure out the exact nu...

  • Editing Config File

    The config file for NPC Map Locations includes various customizations for hotkeys, mod settings, and support for other mods. They are created per save file and can be found in NPCMapLocations/config.

      "NameTooltipMode": 1,            | Value representing mode for map tooltip location (changed in mod menu)
      "ImmersionOption": 1,            | Value representing mode showing NPCs (changed in mod menu)
      "ByHeartLevel": false,           | Value representing mode for showing NPCs (changed in mod menu)
      "HeartLevelMin": 0,              | Value representing mode for showing NPCs (changed in mod menu)
      "HeartLevelMax": 12,             | Value representing mode for showing NPCs (changed in mod menu)

  • Changing Mod Hotkeys

    Hotkeys for the mod can be changed in the config files. 

    Changing Mod Hotkeys:
    - Find the file "globals.json" in "NPCMapLocations\config". Open it up with a text editor of your choice and find the line with the key you want to change such as 
    "MenuKey": "Tab" or "MinimapToggleKey": "OemPipe"

    - Replace the value with one of these keys:
    - For example, to change it to the tilde (`) key you would change it to "MinimapToggleKey": "OemTilde"

  • Modified Map Pages For Recolor Mods

    After installing the respective recolor maps from Optional Files, extract it into "Mods\NPCMapLocations\mods."

    For contributing your own recolor maps, see:

  • Adding Modded Locations and Custom Locations

  • Adding Translations

    The files used to translate text in the mod can be found in NPCMapLocations/i18n.

    default - English
    de - German
    es - Spanish
    ja - Japanese
    pt - Portuguese
    ru - Russian
    zh - Chinese

    Text translation
    To translate the text, you have to look at the default translation, and then translate the English values to the respective language.

    Example: English to Spanish

    "minimap.label": "Minimap",
    "minimap.option1": "Enabled",
    "minimap.plusMinus1": "Minimap width",
    "minimap.plusMinus2": "Minimap height",
    "immersion.label": "Settings:",
    "immersion.option1": "Always show villagers",
    "immersion.option2": "Show vil...