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An expansion of Talkohlooey's HD sprites for the vanilla characters. Each character's portrait can be individually toggled on or off, and there are multiple options for certain characters, including female versions of all the bachelors and androgynous versions (drawn by me) of all the characters.

Permissions and credits
Since HD Portraits isn't 1.6 compatible yet I'm working on compatibility for my other mods first, but I do intend to make this 1.6 compatible once that's possible. 

The portraits in this mod are all either directly taken from talkohlooeys' Portraits of the vanilla characters, or edited from them. I included talkohlooeys' art because afaict there's no other mod which allows people to toggle the individual portraits on and off. I've included the same options: Young Wizard, genderbent bachelors, etc.

I have also included my own androgynous HD portraits, which are similar in style to talkohlooeys' art but not a perfect match. The androgynous versions of each character use the same character designs and sprites as my Androgynous Villagers mod, including the variants for some characters, such as having darker skin or being in a wheelchair, and sprites for Emyn's Diverse Ginger Island

I've added the option to use my androgynous sprites with some of talkohlooeys' portraits which don't already have sprites, but they don't usually match very well asides from removing facial hair.

If you want to change a character's gender/dialogue/name etc as well as their appearance, use Gender Setter instead. For non-HD androgynous portraits, use Androgynous Villagers.

Install SMAPI, Content Patcher, and HDPortraits.
Download the file and unzip.
Put it in the Mods folder.

I strongly recommend using Generic Mod Config Menu then restarting the game after any edits. Note: the genders listed here are just those intended by the artists, and in many cases the art can be read multiple ways.

Genderbent Bachelors: Whether to use a more Vanilla-esque "Classic" character design or RedK1rby's designs for beach portraits.

MiscImageEdits: Whether to make a few minor background characters like the witch androgynous. 'true' or 'false'.

(Name)Images: Whether and how to edit the sprite and portrait for (Name).
  • false: Do not edit the images for this character.
  • Vanilla: talkohlooeys' vanilla portrait for items with no canon gender, namely the answering machine and Bear.
  • Male/Female: talkohlooeys' vanilla portrait.
  • Female (no sprites)/Female (androgynous sprites): Bachelors, Wizard, Willy. talkohlooeys' genderbent portrait, with or without androgynous sprites.
  • Male Coat: Linus only. A sprite and portrait where Linus is in a coat.
  • Female Young: Pam only. Younger and skinnier portrait and sprite.
  • Male Young (no sprites)/Male Young (androgynous sprites): Wizard only. Younger portrait with or without androgynous sprite.
  • Female Long Sleeved: Emily only. Long sleeved portrait.
  • Androgynous: Androgynous sprite and portrait.
  • Androgynous Wheelchair: Leah only. An androgynous sprite and portrait of Leah in a wheelchair.
  • Androgynous Darker: Grandpa, Jas, Marnie, Sandy, Elliott, Caroline, Birdie, Professor Snail, Leo. Androgynous sprite and portrait with darker colouring.
  • Androgynous Islander: Birdie, Professor Snail, Leo. Androgynous versions of the characters in Emyn's Diverse Ginger Island
I recommend only using LeoImages = Islander in conjunction with Emyn's Diverse Ginger Island, since otherwise he's written as a child and the sprite won't match. The androgynous sprites work ok for the young/female Wizard but are otherwise not a great match for talkohlooeys' portraits, but I thought some people might still find them useful.

Compatible mods:
Compatible with talkohlooeys' Portraits, no androgynous version provided (I have not tested these):
Incompatible mods:
Any other HDPortraits mod affecting all the vanilla characters.
I have no idea what would happen if you tried combining this mod with a Portraiture/PyTK HD portrait mod. Let me know what happens if you try!

Let me know if there's mods you want me to add compatibility for, since it's generally pretty easy to do.

Known Issues:
Professor Snail's portraits don't load properly when Emyn's Diverse Ginger Island is installed. I can't figure out why!

I'm theoretically open to adding more HD images of the vanilla characters by other artists, but they would need to give permission. You could also just replace the images in the assets folder, as long as they're the same size and name it should work.

I'm not currently interested in adding characters from SVE or other NPC mods, but anyone who wants to use my code to make their own version is welcome to. Check out talkohlooeys' Portraits for portraits for SVE, Khadija's Recipe Shop, and Denver and Cecilia by whitebalverines.

1.0: Initial upload.