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Updated version of KeionDryke's "Dialogue Changes Full For 1.1" which was made to go with Adarins Girl mods. I fixed a lot of text, let me know if you find something!

This mod now has support for rekooooon's shane girl mod, and Stardew Valley Expanded, and Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion.

Permissions and credits
IS KeionDryke 
you can download their mod here, but it hasn't been updated since Nov. 2016

I recently started playing modded Stardew and this was one of the mods I installed.
I noticed there were some minor bugs and decided to fix them myself, then I saw that other people noticed more bugs and tried fixing as many as I could. If you download my version, it has all the fixes you need that I have noticed. If you find any more bugs, post them and I'll try to fix them.  All updates will have all files required, so if you missed an older version, don't worry!

Currently could use some help, if someone knows how to make a SMAPI/StardewHack mod please PM me, need it to fix these issues:
  1. When getting stardrop they say something about being a husband, not sure how to change that.
  2. Kissing animation for Sam broke while fixing the marriage sprites. (I know what to change)
  3. When Sabrina works on her bike on Saturday's one frame bugs out. (I know what to change)

Content Patcher

Please endorse these mods, and give kudos to the authors
Adarin's Girl mod - portraits and sprites
rekooooon's Shane girl mod - portraits and sprites
farmerjack's Shane Joja mart sprite

1.) Download one of the two main files
2.) Open and extract the one you want into your "Mods" folder

It doesn't seem like SVE ever calls Shane a "him," or "uncle" so the file should work for either version
1.) Download one of the two main files
2.) Open and extract the one you want into your "Mods" folder
3.) Install Stardew Valley Expanded v1.3.4
4.) Download the optional file "Invatorzen's Dialogue Changes for SVE"
5.) Open the "[CP] Stardew Valley Expanded" folder in your "Mods" folder
6.) Replace the "Content" file in the SVE folder with the one you downloaded from here

Things I found and fixed: