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Lets you adopt Leo, so that he can live in your house, instead of a treehouse in the dead of winter

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This mod allows you to adopt Leo after reaching 10 hearts with him. You must buy the Second Key from Pierre and give it to Leo. Basically it just turns him into a roommate like Krobus. Adds dialogue that emphasizes the parent-son relationship between the player and Leo, as well as his relationship with Jas, Vincent, Linus, and Willy. Originally I made this mod for personal use, so there are probably many problems. For example, Leo does not have a hugging animation. I am not good at modding, so I will be upfront that I have no intention of maintaining this mod. I only got the mod running at all because of the kindness of people like elhrvy and the members of the Stardew discord. Please feel free to edit things in the mod if you want.

If you want to marry someone or bring in another roommate, you'll need Free Love installed.

Elhrvy, maker of the super-cool Juna mod, fixed my mod so that the dialogue actually shows up in game. They also helped me with Leo's schedule, and the entirety of the mod is based off their roommate mod. FellowClown, maker of such incredible mods as the Wayfarer, John, Nikolai, and Magical Family, made the pretty "Spouse" room and patio for Leo. Thank you again for all your help!

If anyone can figure out a way to make him spawn outside his room at the beginning of the day more, please let me know.