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Adds a standalone npc named john to your game!

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Coming from Zuzu, John is seeking a simple, clean life in hopes of bettering his health both mentally and physically.
After abandoning his position as a priest, he struggles to find purpose in his life.
On top of an identity crisis, he also is at war with an unknown illness that saps away his energy.

                ❶ Ensure you have the latest  SMAPI  installed
   ❷ Install the current Content Patcher 
❸ Download this mod and Unzip it.
                      ❹ place the unzipped folder into your mods folder.
     ❺ Delete older versions, do not merge. 

Yagisan's Custom NPCs for NPC Map Locations

Unlike other NPC's, John does not arrive to town until you witness his arrival event.
You have to have played 3 complete days in order to unlock this event.
If he doesn't' appearing in the saloon's second floor on day one. 
Then sleep for a day, sometimes it takes a day restart to make him appear and walk around normally.

  Loves: Lobster,Shrimp,Ring of Yoba
                       Likes: AmethystTopazPumpkin Pie,Fruit Salad
Dislikes: Trout Soup,Blue Jazz
Hates: Parsnip Soup

12pm/3  days after playing/bus stop
friendship 250/8 pm/saloon
friendship 500/rainy/8pm/forest
friendship 1000/sunny/9 am/seed shop
friendship 1500/6 am/Wizards house
friendship 1250/rainy/must be spring/11 am/Hospital 
friendship 1750/9pm/saloon
friendship 1800/9am/any Season/hospital

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