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Adds a a two new npcs to your game that includes events, items and a mystery plot.

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WARNING: This mod is brand new and may contain some bugs, feel free to report those bugs in my the report section of this mod!

The magical Family story is based in the Stardew Valley universe. With Valerie living in Pelican Town, following her story as she slowly uncovers the mystery behind a citizen's disappearance. While she seeks the truth, her strange mother makes a appearance. Inserting herself into Valerie's life and disrupting her goals as a spiritual element expert.  Her story isn't all mystery however. Have the option to romance and marry Valerie. Which includes separate romantic events for you to experience. 

Valerie's bedroom is located right next to the wizards tower as a attachment. 

💖After reaching the 2nd  level, enter Valerie's bedroom between 4pm and 5pm on a sunny day.
💖After reaching the 6th heart level, go to the bus stop between 9am and 3pm. It must be raining and you have to have received Valerie's invitation in the mail prior.
💖After reaching the 8th heart level, join Valerie at the beach market 6pm and 8pm on the 15th of winter. You'll need to have bought the Glowing jellyfish from Dwarf to trigger this event.

💖After marrying Valerie and getting her to her 14th heart level. Go to the bus stop between 9am and 3pm on the 16th of fall. This will be a festival day, the event takes place in the festival. However, after seeing the event you can go to the festival on your own as well. 

🔎After finding the secret note within the towns forest. Go to the wizards house between the time 10am and 12pm. 
🔎After seeing the wizard's house event, Join Valerie at the saloon between the time 6pm and 9pm. You must have one heart with Valerie.
🔎After seeing the saloon event, join Valerie at the Archaeology House between the time 10am and 12pm. It cannot be spring. 
🔎After seeing the event at the Archaeology House and reaching 1 hearts with Dezerie, explore the beach to discover a important object. You need one slot in your inventory empty and  It must be either Fall or Winter.
🔎After you find the object at the beach and you've reached 1 heart with Willy. Return to the beach between the time 9pm and 10pm on a rainy day.
🔎After the 1 heart willy event is seen, go home on a winter day between the time 6pm and 10pm on rainy day. 
🔎After seeing the event at your house and reaching Dezerie's 6th heart level, go to the secret woods between the time 10am and 3pm. Make sure the important object mentioned before is in your inventory.

This event will directly affect the rest of the plot.

Below there are spoilers.

Loves: Solar Essence, Bat Wing, Ghost Crystal

Likes: Emerald, Aquamarine, Arrowhead, Void Essence

Dislikes: Cranberries, Duck Mayonnaise, Anchovy

Hates: Rhubarb Pie, Sashimi, Radish

Neutral: Ghostfish , Large Egg

rain: 600 ValsRoom   / 1200 ValsRoom  / 1800
nightmarket: 1000 Saloon / 1630 Beach / 2300 ValsRoom
spring : 600 ValsRoom  / 800 ValsRoom  / 1030 ValsRoom  /1400 ValsRoom  / 1500 WizardHouse  ValsRoom 11 7 3 
summer: 600 ValsRoom  / 1000 WizardHouse / 1230 ArchaeologyHouse/ 1700 Saloon / 2300 ValsRoom
 fall: 600 ValsRoom  / 900 ValsRoom   / 1230 Saloon  / 1430 WizardHouse  / 1700 Forest  / 2300 ValsRoom 
"winter": "600 ValsRoom  / 800 ValsRoom  / 1000 WizardHouse  / 1130 ValsRoom  / 1430 Saloon  / 2300 ValsRoom

Loves: Fire Quartz / Cactus Fruit / Lava Eel

Likes: Salad / Rice Pudding / Autumn's Bounty

Dislikes: Cranberries / Duck Mayonnaise / Anchovy

Hates: Farmer's Lunch / Roots Platter /Tomato
Neutral: Ice Cream

                     ✨spring: 600 ValsRoom / 800 WizardHouse  / 1030 WizardHouse / 1400 ValsRoom / 1500 Mountain  / 2300 ValsRoom  

summer: 600 ValsRoom/ 830 Forest / 1600 WizardHouse / 2000 Forest / 2300 ValsRoom

 ✨fall: 600 ValsRoom / 900 Forest / 1400 Beach / 2000 Forest / 1700 WizardHouse / 2300 ValsRoom

winter: 600 ValsRoom/900 Forest / 1400 Beach / 1130 Forest / 1700 WizardHouse / 2300 ValsRoom

rain: 600 ValsRoom / 900 Forest / 1400 Beach  / 1130 Forest / 1700 WizardHouse / 2300 ValsRoom

Airyn and ivycrowned helped create the seasonal walk sprites.

"Stasis" by Steve Oxen 
Hush By Corrin
Witchy-Gothic Interior by strawberrymilk95
Underwater Fantasy Background by Ansimuz


Thank you to all the people in the modding channel within the stardew valley Discord for your constant support. 

I'd also like to thank the Diverse Stardew valley server for supporting me during this mods creation. They're a amazing group of people and I strongly support going to their mod and checking it out. 

Diverse Stardew Valley