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Adds some domestic animals to the game (and some aren't exactly domesticated animals, but are still companions).

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This was mod was once a little bonus to my previous mod Wild Animals, but I have now decided to separate them into two different mods. You are guaranteed to see the animals as long as you have access to the areas that they spawn in. They tend to wander so you may or may not lose sight of some of them, especially if they wander behind the buildings and bushes.

These animals don't really do much of anything and are more of just moving decor for your valley that occasionally makes noises. I do hope I'll be able to add some sort of gameplay mechanic or more interactivity with these animals someday, but that idea may take a while (if it even ever gets implemented due to my inexperience with modding). ^_^''

Below is the list of animals currently included in the mod:

Q: How to install this mod?

  • Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  • Unzip the zip file.
  • Drop the extracted folder in your mods folder. _(:3 」∠)_

Q: Is this mod compatible with other mods?
This mod should work with other mods. The only issue is that some animals have a higher chance of getting stuck in trees/bushes added from other mods. This mod should be compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded's map changes, BUT I have decided to disable the dusty features if you have SVE/Free Dusty installed to prevent conflicts.

Q: Is this mod compatible with multiplayer or the mobile version of the game?
 I have not gotten the chance to personally test this with multiplayer and on mobile, unfortunately. However, the Custom Companions modding framework is compatible with multiplayer, so that means my mod should be multiplayer-compatible.

Q: Can I use the files from this mod for other mods to upload?
Yep! :D I don't really mind if you reupload my animals for different mods!... Although, I am not entirely sure about how I feel if they were hidden behind a paywall. So, uhh, I'd prefer that these are to remain free. Donations are fine though! I just don't want my assets to be part of something that needs to be purchased. :( 

Q: Can I use older versions of this mod?
If you prefer to use older versions of this mod, you definitely can. They should still work in your game regardless of how old they are, just be sure to use only one copy of this mod at a time. Just a small warning: some older versions may contain unfixed bugs.

Q: I want to use retextures for the animals. Can I use pre-existing retextures that were made before this mod existed? Can I make my own retextures?
 Yep! :D All of my animals use vanilla Stardew Valley animals as a base, so all that really matters is the sprite size. (i.e. My foxes use the dog sprites as a base, so you can use any dog/cat retextures to replace them). You can even upload any retextures of my animals if you want! :)

  • SMAPI might prioritize other retexture mods that edit the appearance of Pierre's shop/Abigail's room, which could lead to my guinea pig cage retexture not showing up.  The same applies to Dusty's box house. This is not likely going to break the mod, so the Domestic Animals mod should still work fine and there is no need to worry. However, if problems do arise, you can disable those changes through this mod's config file.
  • You might see Emily's parrot friend clones (one on its perch and another one on the floor) when you just recently finished seeing Emily's heart event that introduces the aforementioned parrot. This will fix itself on the next day, fortunately.
  • Clicking on the parrot's perch will still play the parrot sound effect even if no one is sitting on it. Unfortunately, I do not know how to disable that. Let's pretend the parrot is just reacting to you touching their perch lol.
  • If you marry someone who has an animal companion added by this mod, the changes will not transfer to your farmhouse, i.e. Dusty will remain by Alex's grandparents' house, Emily's parrot will stay on its perch completely, Abigail's guinea pig stays in his cage. This is because placed furniture and spouse room edit mods could potentially make these animals stuck in wherever I made them spawn. I may still upload a free-roaming farmhouse feature for those spouse's companions in the future.

  • Concerned Ape for his marvelous game that I spent many, many hours on. Stardew Valley will always be placed in a special place in my heart and I will never regret owning the game (thanks again to my friend who bought it for me a couple of years ago!) His pixel art and the color palette are undeniably beautiful and I tried to have my animals match the aesthetic. <3
  • Pathoschild for their modding API "SMAPI" and Content Patcher. As well as PeacefulEnd for their modding framework Custom Companions. These mods allowed me to create this mod. I've always wanted to have more animals in the world of Stardew Valley because I just love animals. <3
  • Obamoose for their Kitty Cats mod! The moment I saw that mod I thought to myself "Wait a minute... That can be done now?" and it spurred on this drive to work on my Wild Animals mod (the Domestic Animals mod was once a part of this one as a little bonus). Whenever I felt stuck in the little coding process, I did comparisons with their adorable mod's coding structure as an example (and of course PeacefulEnd's Custom Companions in-depth wiki was a great help and easy to understand). The Kitty Cats mod was a great visual for me while I was creating this mod (and I love cats, so this mod is definitely staying in my game) <3

I just created a Ko-fi! If you like my works, then feel free to buy me a coffee~! I'll greatly appreciate the support! <3 However, my mods will always stay free for the public!