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(Please read before requesting for permissions.)
You have my full support to:
  1. Edit and merge my assets for personal use.
  2. Showing my mods or its edit in any of your images and videos in public.
  3. Making compatibility patches for your new mod, or edits of my mod that requires my original mod to function.
  4. If my mod is broken by new game updates, and your contact send to me is not answered for more than a month, you can share the conversion or your fixed file for the benefits of others.
You can also use my assets without permission nor compulsory credits if the use is deemed as fair use, that includes:
  1. Including small parts of my assets in a mod that’s not used in the same way as the original. (aka using my wall tiles for making a new map, or my tree sprites to make a new JA tree.)
  2. De minimis use: Including tiny amount of my assets that’s also not the major part of your new mod. (aka if your new mod contains 10k+ tiles of assets, no permission is needed to include one or two tiles of my sprites for it.)
  3. I have much higher tolerance of the usage if you have put more efforts into your new mod and significantly transformed my work.
  4. If you meet above requirements, you should also be aware that your new mod should be free to download for everyone at the same time.
You can’t:
  1. Upload my mod files to any other websites under any circumstances.
  2. Earn donation points or asking donation from the conversions or bug fixes of my works.
  3. Explicitly claims the assets I’ve made including the ones only showed in my WIPs as yours.
  4. Strike or extort mods that’s using the same assets from me as you do under my name. 
I gave my permission equally to everyone, not exclusively to anyone.
I’ll not withdraw my permission unless you broke above rules.
Some of my mods contain assets from other creators that may require their permission and credits to use, please check my credits to locate them.