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Removes friendship decay from the game! Requires SMAPI 2.11+.

Permissions and credits
This mod prevents friendship points from decaying each day if you haven't talked to a NPC or petted an animal. By default, the friendship between your spouse and you WILL decay but this can easily be changed in the config file. It's a simple mod so there isn't much to say or show about it. Do note that other reasons for friendship decreasing (sifting trash, starving animals, etc) will still lower friendship levels.

In the config file you can change whether this mod effects (you will need to launch the game once):
  • Spouses (disabled by default)
  • Dates
  • Other NPCs
  • Animals
Simply extract the zip into your mods folder.

I am currently fairly busy and may be behind updating the mod. I'm far more likely to reply if I'm contacted on GitHub.

Source and Contributions:
You can find the source for this mod here. Contributions are welcome.

This is the first mod I've ever released publicly, so let me know if I did anything wrong.