Stardew Valley

There is now a slimmed down version of this mod with significantly fewer artisan goods:
Rfx Light not currently up to version 4.1

-Raffadax Light



CURRENTLY KNOWN ERRORS:   (These will be fixed in a future update)

Cocoa Plant and Chocolate Coocking (JA) is not compatible with this mod presently unless you remove "Cocoa Powder" and "Mocha" from one mod or the other.  Too many mods add these items and I can only build compatibility in for one mod at a time.  If you have this mod, you have to fix the compatibility on your end for now.

KNOWN GLITCHES AND ISSUES:   (These involve other mods and cannot be fixed by me)

- Item duplication bug from Multi-Yield Crops (See "Bugs").
- Raspberry and Kiwi may have Seed Maker coding issues if you use Produce to Sapling and another mod which adds these fruits as crops. You will have to manually remove coding from one mod, depending on if you want them grown as trees or crops. 
- If you use "Better Mixed Seeds", you will get an error for Prickly Pear and Xoconostle Seeds, this is because they are indoor only crops.


Please see the "Requirements" section on the mod's Description page. Items which are required to run the mod are labeled as "REQUIRED" (please also note any dependencies of dependencies). 

- Items marked as "Recommended, not Required" will add to the overall world integration of certain aspects of the game. Anything added by non-required mods can be found elsewhere in the mod in shop inventories or as rare forage.

You do not NEED these dependencies, they just make things integrate a little nicer:

                 Custom Cask Mod                   -     Allows for the aging of wines brandies, ports, meads, balsams, certain liquors & sparkling wines and meads.
                 Custom Crystalarium Mod     -     Allows new gems to be placed in crystalarium.
                 Custom Ore Nodes                  -     Allows you to find new ores and gems in mines, rather than having to buy them.
                 Miller Time                               -      Allows flours and arcane dusts to be made with the Mill, though they can already be made with the Auto-Mill.

              You could probably run fine without Farm Type Manger as well, but no new forage would spawn and all such items would have to be purchased.
                         - This is not recommended. 

              If you decide to not use these aspects of the mod, you can delete the following folders from the mod to stop SMAPI errors:
                      -        Custom Cask Mod                       -     [CCM] Raffadax Wine
                      -        Custom Crystalarium Mod         -     [CCM] Raffadax Gems
                      -        Custom Ore Nodes                     -     [CON] Raffadax Gems
                      -        Miller Time                                   -      [MT] Raffadax Mill

                      -        Farm Type Manager                   -     [FTM] Forage


This mod has a lot of crops and artisan goods which appear in other mods. Coding is written into this mod to disable any redundant items that have been found, this has been in testing on Nexus for months, and most or all redundancies should be found. 


- Any crops, trees, objects, artisan goods, etc which appear to be redundant have either been coded to disable when SMAPI detects the other mod using that item, or the items have been named in such a way as to not cause compatibility issues. See "How Redundant Crops & Items Work" below for more details.
- This mod tested for months on discord to find all of the redundancies and work around them, so there shouldn't be any conflicts with common mods.

- All fruit, vegetable and flower crops are coded as fruits, vegetables and flowers, and will work with any universal machine coded to those types.
- Herbs, Nuts and Spices are listed as "Greens". Mushrooms are coded as "Forage".

- Machines added by this mod CURRENTLY ONLY WORK WITH CROPS ADDED BY THIS MOD (and vanilla game items...and crops which replace items added by this mod). In a future iteration of this mod, machines may have universal compatibility.


- Many DGA crop mods will not work if we have similar items, but their PPJA variants should be compatible. You can search delete redundant items from one mod or the other to allow compatibility with DGA.

- Any mod that clears items from the Quarry, such as the "Clean Quarry" mod will make Coyote's shop not appear.


- Anything listed on the optional files page IS COMPATIBLE with the main mod file and require no additional dependencies.
- "Production Master" is an excel file for player reference, not a piece of a mod. DO NOT PLACE in the "Mods" folder.

- Raffadax Light is NOT COMPATIBLE with this mod, as it is a smaller version made up of pieces of this one. 

- Any modular aspects of this mod that were released are NOT COMPATIBLE with this mod. All items in those mods are already available in this mod.
- Flow Hive
- Raffadax Beers
- Raffadax Divine Weapons
- Raffadax Liquors
- Raffadax Teas

- Older Raffadax mods (Alternate Milk Pack, Artisan Valley Compatibility Mod) do not currently work with this mod.  I will have updates for them coming out sometime in the future.


As a general rule, redundant items and crops are set to disable on my side if SMAPI detects another mod has an object of the exact same name.  There are some exceptions, usually if the replaced item is too dissimilar (Nutmeg being a seed vs a ground spice) or if the item appears in more than one additional mod, as SMAPI only allows for one mod to be detected for disabling per object (eg: Cocolate Milk).


- Items which exist in other mods but are not crops or tree produce, such as Spruce Tips, will propagate the assets from the other mod onto the Raffadax Spruce Tree if both mods are installed. 

- Crops that are fully redundant from other mods, such as Pecan, will show up in the shops dictated by the mod they are from, AS WELL AS in an NPC shop in my mod. The tree and produce will be from the other mod, but will work in my machines.

        - Crops which may appear as trees in other mods or vice versa / If there is more than one crop that produces the same item due to multi-yield crop / If there is a tree and a crop which produce the same item.  In all of these instances, it is likely that the redundant crop produce is being removed from my mod, but my mod has an alternate crop form (a tree, trellis, crop or multi-yield drop).

  • Example: Kiwi in my mod is a trellis (tree), but in other mods it is a crop. If you have both mods, my Kiwi fruit will be omitted from the mod and the Kiwi fruit from the other mod will grow on both the trellis and the crop. Kiwi Seeds will be sold wherever the other mod designates. Kiwi Starter will be sold by one of my vendors. Both versions of Kiwi will work for all artisan production, but only one will load in if both mods are detected by SMAPI.

- Similar crops with different names will not work the same. "Fragrant Lavender" from another mod will not function the same way "Lavender" functions in my mod. 

- Crops which have the exact same name but are different:

- Bearberry - Existed canonically in my mod as an enchanted crop before being added by another mod.  In order to retain enchanted description and properties, and to prevent the production of enchanted artisan goods from mundane crops, I changed the way SMAPI recognizes this object, though spelling will appear the same in game.  My Bearberries are blue in color.

- Golden Cauliflower / Golden Cauliflower Seeds (Also Golden Pumpkin Seeds): Similar to the reason for Bearberry, except my mod added these items after the existence of Golden Crops. It is done for the same reason; so a real world crop does not produce a divine or enchanted item, although the roles are reversed. My Golden Cauliflower is the version which is not literally made of gold.  My Golden Pumpkin Seeds are loose seeds outside of a packet, and are sold only by my vendors.

- Pistachio / Pistachio Sapling - There are just way too many mods which add Pistachios, so there are two versions if you have another mod which has one.  I may change the name somehow in the future so that it is clear which asset is which.  My Pistachio Sapling is only sold by my vendors. 

Artisan Goods & Non-Crop Items:

- Most redundant non-crop items are coded to disable on my side. (eg: Butter, Sapphire, Tequila) 

- Some redundant non-crop items may show up in two forms if you have another mod with items by this name. (eg: Chili Powder, Nutmeg)

- Certain redundant non-crop items may be machine producible.  This means that certain items which may be producible via recipe in another mod will now be producible in one of my machines given the correct inputs.

  • Example: you can acquire the recipe for Ginger Ale and make it (3 Ginger + 1 Sugar), or make it in the Beverage Keg with no recipe (3 Ginger + 1 Sugar).
- Items replaced by those from other mods may not have the same cooking recipe as machine input recipe.


- "I can't find the config menu."
- Config located in NPCs --> (CP) Raffadax NPCs.  
- GMCM as (CP) Raffadax NPCs

- "I can't find all of the machine recipes, and I am already past the friendship threshold."
- Use CJB Cheats Menu (or a similar mod) to knock your friendship below 5 hearts with whichever NPC you need to, sleep for a night, reset friendship to normal, sleep for another night.

- "There are strange items as forage / in trees / on crops."
- This is caused by JSON Shuffle. Once you pick the items (or once forage expires), things should appear normally.

- "What is a JSON Shuffle?"
- When you add any mod that adds items or crops, you risk a JSON shuffle, in which all item IDs get switched.  Things like items on signs, items growing on trees and crops, forage spawn items; they become bizarre because the internal "index" is offset. Things will go back to normal once crops are harvested and all forage is picked up or despawns.
- It's temporary, but can also affect items in inventory and chests, which is why a precaution is advised:
- Sell or process any unneeded items.
- Screenshot any chests with valuable items inside.
- Use CJB Item Spawner to cheat items back into the game which are lost, and discard any bizarre items. 

- "I can't open shops while using a controller on PC."
- This can be caused when the mouse is hovering over the wrong item. You can move the cursor (usually with the R joystick) and it should work. You may need to hover over the shop tile with the cursor (a hand will appear). This only affects new shop tiles; so the 7 vendors, the Valkyrie statue, and the Joja machine at Gus's Saloon. 

- "The price of the crop doesn't match the artisan goods / the wording is contradictory / the bonuses do not match".
- Make sure said item is not being replaced by another mod's assets. Artisan goods are built for metrics given to my iterations of crops.

- "A vanilla game asset seems different."
- It is probably something dropped by Multi-Yield, or an item which has been given additional uses.
- Seeds which are not in packets (think sunflower seeds), often have dual uses as spices or artisan good components.

- "How do I find out how to find / where to get / how to make ..."

- Download the Excel Sheet "Production Master".  This is a tabbed Excel sheet, it is not part of the mod.  It is to be unzipped, opened, and read as a reference.  Information is separated by tabs along the bottom of the sheet.

- "Why doesn't this crop work in your machine?"
- My machines are only currently coded to work with my crops and the crops that appear innately in the game (or if an item is replaced, such as PPJA replacing my "Pear" object). 
- Each item is a unique asset, in other mods which add machines, most created assets are not unique
- eg: "Grape Juice" is read by SMAPI as the same item as "Apple Juice", but in my mod, they are unique items.
- This is so that Artisan Goods can b e used to make unique items.
- eg: "Wolfsbane Honey" can make "Wolfsbane Mead", "Wolfsbane Honey Jelly" and "Wolfsbane Nectar"; and all items can have unique buffs.
- eg: "Strawberry Jelly" can be reloaded into the Deluxe Preserves Jar with an additional Strawberry to make "Strawberry Jam", and each item can have differential buffs. 
- eg: "Rose Petals" can be used to make "Rose Tea", "Rose Tea Sachets", "Rose Fleece", "Rose Paint", and "Rose Dust".
- Unfortunately this means that I would have to create a massive content pack for every crop and tree mod to make their crops work correctly in my machines and produce artisan goods which functioned the same as items from my mod.  Until I can find a workaround that makes sense (especially for Jam production), cross mod-functionality with my machines is a tabled project.

- "Some of these items / weapons are way overpowered..."
- All of my weapons are end of game, so they're either severely overpowered or a gimmick (like a trickster god's weapon, which deals between 1 - 999 damage), they're hard to get and intended to game break, with an option of which weapon you want to game break with.
- They are primarily real world mythological items and weapons which are overpowered, and they are described as being crafted by literal deities. If you don't want to use them, just throw them in a collection chest or put them on display on a table. 

- "Getting all of these items will take forever!"
- That's the point. This mod is intended to have things become slowly available to the player as they play through the game, and to vastly increase the amount of producible items for the player. 


Getting Automate to work with my machines:
Automate does work with this mod, it just requires a secondary mod to marry the two ( FOUND HERE ).  

Automate - Production Quirks:

  • Jelly production into Jams and Compotes will not work with Automate because Automate prioritizes raw fruit over processed. Because Jam requires both, it will always make more jelly before upgrading to jam. Unfortunately Jams and Compotes will have to be loaded into the Deluxe Preserves Jar individually.
- Deluxe Preserves Jar can make Jellies from Fruit, Flowers, Spices and Herbs.
- Jellies made in vanilla game Preserves Jar are NOT THE SAME ITEM and cannot make unique Jams.
- Fruit and Flower Jellies can become Jams & Compotes.
- Herb, Spice & Dessert Jellies DO NOT make Jams or Compotes.
- Load Jam into DP Jar with more of the same flower/fruit to make a Jam.
- Load the Jam back into the DP Jar with more of the same fruit/flower to make a Compote/Marmalade/Preserves/Chutney.

  • Wines and Meads can become Brandies and Balsams in a Deluxe Wine Keg (or also a Distillation Tank), so it is advised to leave extra produce in the production chest to prevent them from transitioning accidentally.  Wine/Mead and Brandy/Balsam are both needed for Port production, which can be done in either a Deluxe Wine Keg or a standard vanilla game Keg. 
- Ideal setup for Automate and Wine/Mead Production:
- Deluxe Wine Kegs - Chests loaded with Fruit/Flowers/Herbs.  Overload to prevent Brandy Production. 
- Wines/Meads made in vanilla game Keg are NOT THE SAME ITEM and cannot produce unique Ports.
- Distillation Tanks (or more DW Kegs) - Chests loaded with Wines/Meads
- Vanilla game Kegs - Chests loaded with Wines & Brandies / Meads & Balsams. A Wine and Brandy must be the same type to make a port.

  • Auto Mill will crush nuts into "Crushed <Nut> Nuts", and will then regrind them to make "<Nut> Flour". Automate will keep producing until they become Flour, unless you remove them from the chest or keep the chest overstocked with fresh, grindable produce.
  • Bone Mill seems not to be compatible with PFM.

If you use Better Mixed Seeds:
You may want to use the config file for that mod to deactivate high value crops from seed rotation, especially:
- Fern Flower
- Golden Pumpkin Plant
- Mandragora Plant
- Treasure Plant
- Possibly the Mythic Mushrooms (Frost Cap, Void Mushroom, etc)

The following crops will not work with better mixed seeds due to being indoor only crops:
- Prickly Pear ( + Nopal, + Opuntia Flower )
- Xoconostle ( + Nopal, + Opuntia Flower )

Load the game with the mod installed, open the Config File, search those plants, and toggle them to "false". 
- You will want to do this for all four seasons to prevent them from popping up on Ginger Island.

Recommended Size Expansion & Support Mods:
  • Lookup Anything - Allows for easy reference of what can be used to produce which artisan goods, how things are made, etc.
 - CJB Item Spawner - Lets you look up how to make secondary recipe components for Lookup Anything , which sometimes cannot be seen.
  • Pookachu's Insane Greenhouse - Even larger Greenhouse. (Only download one greenhouse).
  • Greenhouse Sprinklers - Robin sells a sprinkler system for the greenhouse to auto-water crops.
  • Giga Farm - Giant Farm with extra space.
  • Bigger Backpack - Pierre sells a larger backpack with a fourth row of space.
  • Ferngill Revenue Service - Adds configurable and adjusting taxes and bills, which can offset massive cash influxes after divine crops are planted.
  • Take it Slow - Adjusts the release of certain expensive crops beyond the parameters I already have set, this is configurable for player preference. This is recommended for players who want a prolonged playthrough experience.


- Backup your save.

- Sell all dyed items (fabrics, cloths, fleeces, paints) as all have had name changes.
- Sell as much of everything else that you can, as id shifts are likely.
- Take quick screen-shots of any trees, weapons, or valuable items you have saved so that you can cheat them back into the game with Item Spawner if they shift.
- Remove "Raffadax Teas and Trees" entirely from your mod folder.
- Add "Raffadax Complete Production", unzip file (It is a large file, it will take a while)
- Load the game (it is a large file, it will take a long time to load, especially the first time).


- Additional Mythic Trees (yes, more trees).
- Additional dialogue, possible scenes for NPCS.
- Addition of things which will better integrate the mod, such as adding request board requests.
- Appearance of shops at festivals with unique inventory items.
- Better integration with other major mods.

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