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A Very Very Large Replacement for the Standard Farm, Plus 2 similarly sized expansion areas. 65k Farmable Tiles, Compared to Base Standard's 3.5k.

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So this Farm map and its 2 expansion areas are 155 by 155 in size, totaling up the farmable area it is roughly about 65,000 tiles, if my rough calculations are correct.
For comparison Base Standard farm has about 3.5k farmable tiles, so uhhh yeah. Space :)

Definitely way more space than 99.9% of users will ever need.


NOTE THAT SWAPPING Between the CP and TMXL versions is highly likely to wipe the stuff you've got on those additional locations.

Swapping between dirt and grass versions should be fine though, CP -> CP Grass for example, that's fine.

Farm expansions currently cannot have buildings, But the TMXL version in the future should be able to use an upcoming framework to enable buildings to be build on them. I can't say for sure on the CP version though, just an FYI

Known Issues
When it Rains the tiles on the Expansions will not get watered unless done so manually (sprinklers wont work that day there) [Asking coders to make a fix atm]
Swapping versions off of TMXL to CP will erase your farm, I was personally able to swap from CP to the TMXL version However.

Don't be surprised if it takes a bit to load your save, and a little bit extra to save at the end of a day. Its a lot of space that has been added.

On compatibility, it should be compatible with pretty much everything, except maybe a few recolors, in which the waterfall might be un-recolored, in which case, let me know and I can get on it with the recolor author to make a compatible version.

Should be Fully Compatible with SVE.

The Expansions are on the Western Side of the Farm,
The Backwoods Entrance is in the normal location between the house and Greenhouse.
The Bus Entrance is it its normalish spot to the East edge of the map, but its a longer walk now.
And the Forest Entrance is to the South, but its on the eastern side of the south.

Mods Recommend to use with this mod.
Multiple Mini-Obelisks - Recommended by Electrosus912, who says, "A mod which, as the name suggests allows the ability to place more than just TWO Mini-Obelisks, as well as rename them. With the added feature to place them INSIDE of buildings, and outside of your farm. *by default this feature is disabled*
Obvious use with this map - Place one at one part of the Giga Farm, while the other inside your home...
And presto easy travel to other side of farm and back."
Activate Sprinklers - To help with watering on the expansions on rainy days, its not a perfect fix, but its something.
Crops Anytime Anywhere - To be able to plant fruit trees and tea leaves (probably?) on the farm expansions.

Mods I like to always recommend
Upgrade Empty Cabins-
Waterproof Items -