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This mod is basically what the title describes: a x2 and x4 AI upscale of almost every ingame texture.

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This mod is basically what the title describes. I really love Spellforce so I tried to max out the engine as a personal project. Therefore, I did a x2 and x4 AI upscale of almost every ingame texture. However, x2 is pretty much the highest resolution that the game engine supports while keeping the relative resolutions so the x4 version still features some x2 textures (mostly buildings). Most of the results look decent but sometimes the colors get slightly changed.
If you find major visual issues, please leave a comment and I’ll look into it. Feel free to delete any textures you don’t like. It won’t cause any damage.
You’ll need a mediocre graphics card (e.g., AMD RX 580 or Nvidia GTX 1060) to get 30 fps in 4K or 45 fps in WQHD. For stable 60fps in 4K you'll probably need a Nvidia GTX 1070-Ti or AMD Vega-64.
The minimum recommended resolution for the x2 version is WQHD (2560x1440), for the x4 version it's 4K (3840x2160).
Just unzip the folder to your Spellforce directory. Enforce 4x SSAA (for 4k) or 8x SSAA (for WQHD) via your drivers to avoid heavy texture flickering.

- Install the vanilla figure textures or the landscape textures by Koharan from the 'optional' folder.
- Use SMAA and via InjectSMAA by Mr. Haandi combined with 2xSSAA for low end graphics cards. However, the visual quality is noticably worse than 8xSSAA without SMAA as there are visible jaggies on some edges.
- Enabling NTFS compression (rightclick-->properties-->advanced-->compress contents) for the texture folder saves almost 25 % of disc space without significantly longer loading times or performance impacts.
This mod should be compatible with every game version (though it’s only tested on 1.54 and 1.61) and almost every mod.

- Spellforce Re-Texturing Project by Goldfinch (many player and playable race unit textures)
- HD Textures - Terrain by Korahan (optional landscape textures)
If you like their work, please leave a like at their mod page!

Please note: The screenshots do not reflect the ingame quality as vegetation and icons are not upscaled in the pictures. Also, Nexus Mods resizes the screenshots to 1920x1080 which is way below the minimum recommended resolution.