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This mod aims to bring some new life to Spellforce by re-texturing almost every single unit in the game.

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This mod began as a personal project of mine that quickly got out of hand. It re-textures almost every single rune-unit and a few others, mostly with re-assigning team colours to make the world feel more grounded, and other smaller fixes. Some units, like the recruit and the assassin, also have changes made to their design. 

All changed units also have updated, matching unit and upgrade icons to keep things consistent. There will also be an optional gamedata.cff file that includes some weapon and armour swaps (all balanced with the original game) that fixes some inconsistencies as well as bringing some new life to the campaigns. 

Since Spellforce uses separate textures for each of the team colours, this mod would probably not work as intended in multiplayer, where more than red, blue and green colours might appear. Lots of units also miss textures of colours that would not appear in the campaigns, such as red elves, or green orc drummers.

A complete log of every single change made is included in the readme, but the mod includes almost 400 new textures, as well as several optional texture and mesh swaps. 


Added new optional textures for :
Elf Healer. The collar was removed, since I thought it looked strange with the rest of the outfit
Hallit Soldier. Muted the cyan colours on the trousers and the axe on the back. 
Hallit Chief. Muted the cyan on the armour, coloured the scalemail steel. Redesigned the helmet to be open-faced. 
Utran Armsman & Chief. Muted the red and blue on their armour. 

New pictures are taken from the spellforce data editor, so the new textures appear brighter than they are in-game.