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Reshade & KreatE preset (for Obsidian Weathers), meant to be used with Vanilla HDR and Community Shaders.

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The KreatE preset only changes the appearance of weathers (color values, volumetric lighting, image space modifiers), while preserving all of Obsidian's original functionality. I chose Obsidian Weathers, because I liked how it looked already and because it uses shared image-spaces (more on that later). I didn't intend this to become a public mod at first, but here we are!

All of Skyrim's regions (Base Game + Solstheim) are fully covered.

My mod is not meant to stay faithful visually to Obsidian. I used it more as a starting point and tweaked it until I got the look I wanted.
A lot of things are still subject to change, though. Feedback is appreciated!


You can easily adjust image spaces in KreatE, if you want to fine tune brightness/contrast/saturation of specific weather groups.
These groups are: Obsidian (for clear and cloudy weathers), Godrays (for foggy weathers), Storm (for storms).
The Night image space is used by all weathers. You can adjust visibility of nights without affecting how day-time looks.


KreatE and Obsidian Weathers are hard requirements. You must have them installed for my mod to work.
While Vanilla HDR is not technically required, it is essential for getting the intended look.

Volumetric lighting must be enabled in SkyrimPrefs.ini:

KreatE preset
  • Install the KreatE preset with a mod manager as you would any other mod.
  • While in-game, open the KreatE menu (END key by default) and select Amethyst.

Reshade preset
  • Extract and copy the presets into your Reshade presets folder.

(compatibility applies only for the KreatE preset)
NOT compatible with any other weather mod than Obsidian.
Fully compatible with interior mods. Amethyst KreatE doesn't touch interiors.
Should be compatible with all mods that don't effect weathers. Texture changes like skies and sunglare are fine.

Recommended Mods

Community Shaders
and its add-ons
PBR from Community Shaders discord
ReShade Helper
Twilight or EVLaS (I personally use Twilight because of lower performance impact and better visibility during dusk/dawn)
Soft Shadows
Mists of Tamriel + Obsidian patch
Praedy's Sky AIO
Aurora SE
Sun Reworked or SSE - Skyrim Sun Enhanced
I recommend reducing sun size (and optionally sunglare) in skyrim.ini by adding the following lines: