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Overhaul of the night sky, masser and secunda moons and auroras.

Permissions and credits
Praedy's Sky AIO - SE

-Night Sky:
Night sky mesh and textures replacer, available in 8K/4K/2K and 1K.
6 mesh options, 2 main options which depend on the nebula you pick then branch out to 2 options each (default or without the galaxy) and 2 other options if you do not want the galaxy and nebulas.
9 Options for the star textures to pick the amount of stars you want and their shape.
16 Nebula texture options covering the whole sky.
The galaxy texture also has a few very small nebulas and comes in 4 options (the original saturated or desaturated and another option which is the same as the previous one but with a different alpha channel).
Both constellation textures were combined into 1 since i didn't see the need to have 2 textures for only 178 stars (it sounds like a lot but it really isn't, although it was a pain to make those one by one.), and it freed one texture slot which i used for the Nebulas.

-Sky mesh edits:
The 2 constellation meshes (TriShapes) have been combined into 1.
I added 1 sphere inside it because i wanted to be able to put nebulas anywhere i wanted instead of being restricted by the galaxy mesh which does not cover the whole sky.
Same as V1 except instead of a sphere it's 2 planes i curved then stitched together.

-Masser and Secunda Moons:
Texture replacer for the moons Masser and Secunda.
No glow version is 2k
Glow version is 4k and comes with a espfe plugin to resize the moons, compensating for the glow size.
Werewolf perk menu moons are 2k.

5 New aurora models made using 12 new aurora parts, there are options to see 1 model in different colours just like vanilla, or have a model assigned for each colour for a total of 4 different auroras.
The 12 aurora parts are available as resources each in their own nifs for mod authors interested in making their own combinations and i've also split the vanilla aurora into 5 parts just in case somebody needs them.
Each part has 3 layers to mimic the vanilla auroras and keep the same amount of control over their appearance.
If you want to change the colours you can do that using vertex colouring (you'll need to convert the nifs back to LE nifs to do so then back to SE), the vertexes are ordered properly and the ones that need to be black have already been set so changing colours is easier than with the vanilla aurora imo.
For their position you can use outfit studio.

-Tools and assets used / credits:
  • Adobe Substance.
  • Moons and galaxy were made with space engine pro using both procedural and real world data.
  • Nebula textures were made using nebula resources made by Era-7 on Cubebrush so credit for those pretty nebulas goes to them.

-ENB used:
Tweaked Cabbage ENB.