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My take on Stonehills

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Another reimagining from me :)

I'm currently out of work so have nothing better to do than mod lol.

Anyway, this is my take on Stonehills and bringing some uniqueness to the area. Built on the original layout but tweaked, Vanilla is fully supported obviously and i've made minimal changes to exterior NavMesh (checked, double checked, triple checked and quadruple checked to ensure it works).


- New exterior building design for the house, layout and clutter overhaul. Makes it a bit more unique.
- New interior design and layout for the house. Interior matches exterior shape. 
- No more sleeping in tents! The workers now have huts with bedrolls to try and make it a little less treacherous.
- An abandoned building with unique design (It has a big fat collision box around it so don't bother trying to go inside, it's just for show).
- Tweaked lighting to better fit the area.
- Reworked NavMesh to account for the changes.


- Lux: Matches Lux lighting, requires Lux obviously. 
- eFPS: Disabled 1 existing occlusion planes and shifted the other.
- No Snow Under the Roof: Disabled most of the added snow as it didn't fit my redesign.
- CRF: Disables everything added by CRF leaving just my overhaul in place.
- LOTD: Moves a single item that was misplaced (Thanks ChickenMike).
- SUT: Moves a single item that was misplaced (Thanks ChickenMike).


ChickenMike: For spending time making extra patches for my mods. The help is much appreciated!