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This is an addon for Shattered Skyrim, the mod adds in a new NPC with a complete quest and multiple endings.

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As I mentioned in the overview, this mod requires Shattered Skyrim to function.

Ghosts of the Past is a quest based addon for Shattered Skyrim which adds in a khajiit named R'ashi. R'ashi is an explorer who has a dark and tragic past which will be slowly divulged to the player as they encounter him across Skyrim.

A video showcasing the mod can be found here:

R'ashi will first be found in the Sightless Pit, next to the Shrine of Azura where after he is freed, he will be encounter all across Skyrim. I haved posted all the locations of where R'ashi visits in the images tab. However, I recommend going in blind and only looking at the images if you haven't seen him in a while as that is the way the mod was intended to be played.

The VA for this mod is Alex Cain, he did an excellent job bringing R'ashi to life. His Casting Call Club profile can be found below:
I used Nikinoodles' cloak mod for part of R'ashi outfit, thank you to them for giving me permission to use it!
Thank you to Scrabbulor for making the amazing Shattered Skyrim!

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