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Thank you AmethystDeceiver for giving me permission to convert the armor to CBBE SSE BodySlide version.

SkyrimLustmord Vampire Armor
Skyrim Special Edition (non 3BA version): Lustmord Vampire Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)
Skyrim Special Edition (Standalone Colours)Lustmord Vampire Armour - Standalone Colours - SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)

===Guide to convert outfits to SSE CBBE BodySlide===
now updated to version 2.1

This is, as already mentioned above, the CBBE SSE BodySlide version of the armor.
I deleted any .nif files that contains name "unp", "unpb", and "cbbe" in meshes folder as they're no longer needed (I edited the .esp and the bodyslide will refer to the files without those labellings).

(taken from Skyrim page)
- Modular, multi-component Light Armor system for male and female.
- New crossbow with standard and explosive fire bolts.
- Independent spell-based crafting system.
- Mini start-up quest: investigate a disturbance near Lost Tongue Overlook.
- Garter pouch: Equippable storage pouch container (access using "voice" power).
Bloodthirst (oldrim, you can easily convert it to SSE yourselves, flexcreator said he will polish it and publish on his own later): When equipping a full set of Lustmord armor, you can fuel it with Blood Potions to grant an additional 25% armor bonus (view readme for details).

How do I craft this armor?
You should have received an initial quest marker (look in the Miscellaneous section of your quest journal). Locate the disturbance near Lost Tongue Overlook by following the objective marker. You will receive the Chaos Forge spell tome after completing this small quest.

If for some other reason the quest markers do not appear, double check your journal and highlight/unhighlight the quests to make the markers re-appear.

Once you cast the crafting spell learned from the tome, you will see 3 categories: Daedric, Leather, Jewelry.
Daedric - contains all of the armor's "hard goods" - stuff like Cuirass, Gauntlets, Boots, Weapons etc.
Leather - contains all of the armor's "soft goods" - stuff like Hoods, Cloaks, Tasset etc.
Jewelry - contains all of the armor's enchantable jewelry.

Does this mod require Daedric perk?
No, you can craft all the pieces without the perk, but you will want to get the Daedric Smithing perk if you want to take advantage of the 2x tempering buffer.

Is this armor for vampires only?
Although it was made specifically for vampires, you do not actually need to play as a vampire to use it. The armor itself is "vampiric" though, as in, it drinks blood to gain power.

Why do some armor parts have no armor value?
They actually do have armor value. It is a percentage based armor boost that increases depending on how many extra pieces you equip (maximum of 3 stacked percentages). Tempering your base armor set will increase the added amount of protection as well.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Manual: Put the .esp, meshes, and textures in Data folder, and anything with 'Lustmord Vampire Armor' in Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderGroups and /SliderSets.
NMM: Just install as usual.

Manual: Delete the .esp, meshes, and textures from Data folder, and anything with 'Lustmord Vampire Armor' from Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderGroups and /SliderSets.
NMM: Just uninstall as usual.

For a PERMANENT uninstall (as in, you're never going to use this mod again): This method will ensure a SAFE AND CLEAN uninstall process that will reduce your risk of having a corrupted save game.
1. First and foremost, unequip all Lustmord armor pieces and remove them from your inventory (this will ensure there are no lingering magic effects present on your character).
2. Travel into a safe location, such as a vanilla exterior in Skyrim. Wait in-game about 24 hours. Save your game. Quit Skyrim.
3. If you originally installed with NMM, open NMM and uninstall the mod as usual, otherwise skip to step 4 if you originally manually installed.
4. MANUALLY download and install the Lustmord Armor CLEAN UNINSTALLER FILES from the downloads section (unzip and drag all contents into Skyrim/Data). Do not install these files through NMM.
5. Re-load your save game, wait an additional 24 hours in-game. Save and exit.
6. Delete the Lustmord esp and related files. Do not delete the scripts in the scripts folder.

Q1: Location where I can get the armor/outfit?
A: See description or use console command.

Q2: UNP/UNPB/SeveNBase/etc?
A Please see optional file.
UNP/Vanilla ("Default"), UNPB ("Blessed"), LE CBBE Curvy ("Curvy").
For the Garters: Curvy fits CBBE Curvy, the default one will work for both the standard and Blessed body types.

Q3: How about UUNP?
A: No.

Q4: Physics/CBP/etc?
AThis mod has Physics option. This is unsupported.

Q5: Can you convert this xxx armor/outfit?
A: Feel free to send me PM for the request. However, I will do it ONLY if I like the suggested mod AND if I have time to do so. Also:
- not excessively skimpy (e.g. bikini mods)
- not kinky
- not having extra long skirt (because I'm too lazy unless I really like them)
- the original author is still active, or the mod has open permission
- it won't require several permissions from different authors
- I need to remind you that I have no obligation to comply to your request(s)

Quick Guide for newbies 
Best vampire mods

Update Log
11-06-2023: initial release.

AmethystDeceiver (as the original author).
ousniusJeirCaliente (CBBE team).
r1goodwin and starkhark for screenshots.

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