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Every vampire NPC is able to feed on characters just like the player

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Updated to 0.7
- Vampires won't feed on Ghosts anymore

(NOT compatible with Vampiric Thirst)

The original idea belongs to robin523790

Every vampire NPC is able to feed on characters just like the player

- He will automatically pick up the victim at night and inside the interior (preferring dark areas). Vampire will predict that "everything is OK and nothing is going on" if detected, he can perform several attempts depending on situation. The stealth skill affects the chance of detection.

(several conditions were disabled for the demonstration purposes)

Characters with high moral (like Serana) will not feed on their friends.

There is a chance of infecting the player with Sanguinare Vampiris with a bite (but NOT from vampires with ancient blood like Harkon or Serana)

A chance of bleeding:
1) If a powerful vampire bite the victim, he/she will drop some blood on the ground
2) Same can happen in case of "inaccurate" bite (victim must be standing). Accuracy will grow according to the "Sneak" skill

- Same scheme with sleeping characters , but the chance of detection is lower.

- Vampires are able to feed on their enemies in combat (if the vampire's health and stamina are higher). NOT A KILLMOVE, this one is just a soft bite!!! The enemy will survive this.

BUT... if the vampire's level is much higher, he can restore his health. Such mechanics makes the vampire encounters more interesting and challenging.

Of course, vampires will never feed on other vampires or undead. Vampires won't feed on essential characters

How to uninstall
1) Make sure that no vampires are in the area (better to enter internal cell)
2) Save the game
3) Remove the files from Skyrin/Data
4) [Optional, but recommended] Use this for diagnostics. Make sure that the Bloodthirst* scripts are gone from your savegame.

Sorry, I'm not planning to provide long term support for this mod. I'll prefere to keep it simple, so I believe no new features will be added.

Another vampire mod, "Dark Maneuvers" is on the way. Please, stay in touch!