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Rumor has it that some people in Markarth are getting wedding invitations. Who is getting married? Who are the bride and the groom? With Namira-themed dungeons, the mod features two new followers, a new weapon with unique enchantment, new blue Glass weapons and armor recipes, new alchemical ingredients, and a new spell.

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  • Russian


Look for wedding invitations in Markarth. If you get stuck, check Articles for a walkthrough. This mod requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn!


  • An estimated 1-hour-long lore-friendly series of dungeons.
  • Two new followers.
  • A new weapon to mess around with.
  • New blue Glass armor and weapon recipes.
  • New ingredients.
  • New things to read.
  • Flesh!
  • A dragon!
  • Easter eggs!


This mod might become or be incompatible with mods that change the landscape of the areas where Blue Kind takes place. Errors such as floating grass, landscapes with incorrect textures and height, and missing or duplicated static meshes may occur. Be particularly careful of mods that affect areas northwest of Half-Moon Mill, south of Cradle Stone Tower, and north of Valthume.

The default male Vampire Lord mesh is used. Mods that change the appearance of the model might have unintended effects.


I highly recommend downloading an ENB shader as this mod centers around colors and darkness and, for this reason, I do not recommend a mod that removes interior fog. I feel that disabling fog or pushing it farther back can change or completely remove how the mod author wished the mise-en-scène of the level to be. Sometimes fog tells a story! The ENB I use is a tweaked version of SKYRIM ENHANCED SHADERS NLA - ENB and I have built Blue Kind around it. My only tweaks include simpler shadows and reflections as well as reflections for exteriors and interiors. I personally believe it to be the best ENB on the market.

The mods below are ones that I have personally endorsed. You may also wish to download my books mod as this will increase the number of books (located at the bottom of the page).


  • The LOD on the mansion is not perfect. Some static meshes may disappear and reappear radically.
  • I am apologizing ahead of time if the High Fens causes massive lag. It does not lag for me, but it may for some. For this reason, to leave it, after riding down the elevator, just head straight forward pass the door to enter into the next zone.
  • The NavMesh bug. If you do not have Skyrim version or above, the infamous NavMesh bug will rear its ugly head. There is no fix for this aside from a version update or tediously reloading the game every few cell transitions.


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