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Added: 08/09/2012 - 03:04PM
Updated: 20/04/2014 - 12:13PM

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Last updated at 12:13, 20 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 15:04, 8 Sep 2012

THIS MOD HAS NOW CHANGED NAME AND IS CALLED 'Skyrim Misc Patches Collection' (SMPC.esp).
Please, remember to delete old mod version called USKP_addon.esp/.bsa and activate this one.

This small patch collection REQUIRES Unofficial Skyrim Patch already installed and put above in loading order (first USKP, UDGP, UHFP, UDBP, then this one).
USKP already fixes a lot of bugs... hence is an essential starting point.
This one is an additional patch mod, is not part of the USKP project and fixes (sometimes improves rewriting a few fixes for better) some bugs or glitches left out (and probably will never be fixed) in current USKP (I'll keep it updated if necessary, don't worry, it works with latest USKP! x.x.x). It also implements a few small changes/improvements (e.g. given voice to Giants warnings) as listed in the changelog.
The aim: make Skyrim a smooth bugless experience as much as we can.

Loading order:
just put SMPC after the USKP, UDGP, UHFP, UDBP list...
...and remember the basic rules:
- the mod that comes after overwrites previous (and in common) changes
- loose files in data overwrite any loaded mod, so if you have a data/meshes/abc/def.nif file it will overwrite the same version loaded by the USKP or SMPC...
Put 'Cutting Room Floor' mod AFTER SMPC.
Notice: SMPC.esp is actually a master mod, .esm file renamed as .esp.

The list of bug fixes (= history/changelog) is in the CHANGES section (last icon above).
Before you submit any bug you MUST be sure it is reproducible with the vanilla game + official DLCs: backup %LOCALAPPDATA%/Skyrim/plugins.txt and disable ANY extraneous mod, clean-up data/scripts, data/meshes etc. from loose files left by other mods.

FAQ (please read it!)

Q: It's written on the USKP About the Project page this mod is not safe, breaks USKP changes, adds many subjective deep changes to the game, and can even corrupt the quests/savegames?
A: Short answer: absolutely NO. It's an old, totally wrong and misleading information. It's sad to see that FUD message is still there, I could say the same bad things for the USKP that caused issues in the past (and present). The truth however is that current SMPC is perfectly safe, does not apply subjective gameplay changes at all (I'm a purist of the original game), cannot corrupt anything, I use it myself with the USKP mods (and of course I don't want corrupt games) and I do even contribute myself to the USKP project that contains some of my original fixes and hence USKP and SMPC are perfectly complementary and accurately designed to avoid any issue: those are clearly nonsense claims to discourage users. It's very sad.
Despite what's written there I've never received a single bug-report or "suggestion" to correct the allegedly found problems in this mod, even if I invited the USKP leader to do so. That's because there are NO real issues. FUD definition.
Consider not a single user ever reported corruptions or bugs in the game because of it. That's a fact. Please, don't follow "influential opinions" maliciously discrediting the other's work just because it's not under their control... It's simply unfair game. Despite the FUD campaign the Endorsements are constantly increasing (I don't care that much but you see it would be actually impossible for a dangerous and game breaking mod), it means something...
However I'm human and always open to bug-reports if you have something specific and not vaguely generic malicious suppositions to report anyway.

Q: My language is not supported, and when I use SMPC Skyrim CTDs immediately. What's wrong?
A: Yes, SMPC is a Localized mod (= strings, multi-language, are in external files included in the BSA archive). If strings are missing because your language is not supported yet, Skyrim will CTD. Please contact me, send me the Skyrim_yourlanguage.string files and vocabulary generated by TESVTranslator and I'll add support to your language in next version.

Q: Tes5Edit says there are some identical to master records in SMCP. Should I automatically clean-up them?
A: No please. The ITM records are intentional and if you remove some of them manually you risk to remove some SMPC (re)patches. SMPC is always checked with T5E during development and you don't need to clean it up as there are no "dirty edits". A very few may be redundant with new USKPs coming out but won't cause issues. As usual clean-ups will follow with new updates.

Q: BOSS reports some errors using this mod and/or says to delete it. Should I remove it?
A: BOSS probably needs an update. You can safely ignore any error or warning, this mod is carefully made and tested. It's also finally checked with latest TES5Edit.

Q: Will this work with latest USKP 9.9.9?
A: YES, is compatible also with future updates.

Q: I can't see the fix changes in the NPC AI. Why?
A: Since some AI packages gets restarted at 0:00 AM is often recommended to let 12/24 hours pass. Another possible solution (risky!) might be opening console, clicking on a NPC, and using the command 'disable' and then 'enable' to "refresh" him/her. You can also try with the 'evp' command to force the NPC revaluate the AI package. Last chance: an NPC AI reset with 'ResetAI'.
Sometimes you may also need to restart a quest from beginning (old savegame) to see fixes because of how the game engine (and already loaded scripts in memory) works.

Q: But is this a patch of a patch? Why it's not merged into the USKP itself?
A: No, this covers other fixes and it's an additional patch mod.
It's called 'USKP addon' and it's not strictly related to the USKP project though it was born as a small USKP mod-fix in the beginning... I know USKP project well and I was a supporter of the UPTeam initiative so this one is carefully made to not overlap the same patches, when they are properly fixed by the USKP already. As you can read from the changelog, some fixes I implemented were added later to the USKP (some are my own fixes, it's not a coincidence), and for this reason I removed them from this mod. This makes USKP + USKP addon complementary but separate projects. I'm not looking for glory or endorsements, I don't care. Just for a (almost) bugless Skyrim. This patch is perfectly stable and carefully tested and does not include running scripts that may cause game corruption.

Q: I have strange crashes and issues related to in-game text strings...
A: Be sure you don't have (old) "data/strings/smpc*.language" loose files left, so the game will load the correct (new) ones from the BSA.

Q: Does it patch also bugs in Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Hearthfire DLCs?
A: No. This is intended for vanilla game + USKP + SMPC. Of course it works fine with DLCs and the other UPTeam patches. There might be some extra files in the Download area DLCs-wise though.

You've read something bad about this mod? Just b*****ts.
But if you find bugs or have some specific requests I'm always here, don't hesitate! ;-)

Parallel project started (see download section): Misc sound fixes (temp_sounds.esp).

Language: Ita, Eng, Ger, Pol, French, Spanish, Russian. Polish version kindly provided by niedroProg.
Added also some other optional minor fixes in the download section. French strings by SmaugNogardeht. Russian strings by EscondeR.

Thanks to all contributors and Bethesda for this game.
Thanks also to the creators of the following tools: TES5Edit, NifSkope, TESVTranslator, fuz_extractor.exe, BSAOpt, Champollion, Paint.NET...