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The entire SMPC file list has now been archived into a single file. This file will soon be removed. If you still think that the "old SMPC way" was the best, please download this file now :)


There will be drastic changes to the SMPC and a lot of optional files will be deleted in the near future.

Dear SMPC users,

As rolloLG has given me access to the SMPC file, I intend to fix all major conflicts between the USKP and the SMPC. Towards this, I plan to

1) Remove the optional files
2) Rewrite the description
3) Remove most USKP-conflicting forms from the SMPC after discussing them with the Unofficial Patch Project Team

This isn't a matter of quality assurance; the SMPC as it is works perfectly in my game.

But it is a matter of policy and I never wanted the SMPC to step on the USKP toes, even though I firmly believe that the intentions were perfectly honest.

More importantly, it's a matter of compatibility. I'm extremely grateful to Arthmoor for the job he's done for fixing my beloved Skyrim and even if we do something better -- such as Calixto stalking his victim -- the whole picture still suffers when you have to deal with mods that always take the USKP into account, and almost never the SMPC.

Several mistakes have been made from both sides but I can only speak from our side. Arthmoor is still banned from commenting at this forum. Why is this ? How can we ban the most important modder of Skyrim from publicly talking to us ? How can we start removing his problem-solving additions from the game, and even worse while claiming that they are "ugly" ? How can we insist that removing a fix that ensured small savegame file sizes may be potentially be a good thing ? And why keep entries which overwrite proven USKP fixes simply because we were "the first to do it" ?

Clearly, the SMPC has a userbase: it's the users who like some of our fixes that for some reason are not included to the USKP. For the sake of this userbase, we should make sure that the USKP experience is not lost to them.



What's this? Why would I need it?

The Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (SMPC) is a package of many additional bug fixes
aiming at improving your Skyrim experience for a smoother gameplay fixing even more
glitches and annoyances. You can read the full list in the Changes section.
So, is the SMPC good for you?
Remember this patch collection requires Unofficial Skyrim Patch already installed.
Our work adds new and exciting bugfixes and there are a few cases where we apply
different/alternative fixes. Before you ask our bugfixes are obviously designed to be
compatible with the USKPs'. The FAQ section provides more details on this.

Here is a brief example list of just a few things implemented and worth mentioning (again,
full changelog is available in the Changes section):

- restores some end-sequences accidentally cut out from vanilla game, for example
in MS04 (Unfathomable Depths)
- fixes decapitation issues for all kind of NPCs, including special helmets and
- restored/fixed light properties for all interior windows and sun beams
according to exterior daytime
- footstep impact sound properties were broken (restored 88 variants!). Now every
surface produces its proper sound depending on player shoes types (heavy, light,
- audible dragons voice, often too feeble to hear 
- fixed end-sequence vision with the three heroes for a better immersion: now actors won't look
at the invisible 1st person player cam anymore
- distant landscape visible holes
- many roombounds issues causing disappearing walls/objects etc. and other interior issues
- added missing shadows to many (ice)rocks
- improved some quest scenes with more natural behaviours
- killed dragon skeleton bones flying away without weight when hit by magic spells
- player horse won't attack/be attacked by hunters and friendly NPCs...
- fixed persistent breathing sound for skeletons when you enter another interior location
- fixed Riverwood/Camilla Valerius stopping when leading you to the town borders
- underwater "falling & breathing" bug in some interiors with water
- invincible Alduin if you die and game reloads (forced auto-save) in the first battle
- much more... (read Changes section)
Load Order
Fixpacks should be loaded as early as possible so that other mods can overwrite them
(hopefully) safely. Our fixpack is designed to be loaded after the USKP and since
version 1.56 we have made separate patches for the official Skyrim addons. Please, remember
to delete old file fixes ('SMPC - No disease absorb bug DB', 'SMPC - Dawnguard ReFix ').
Here is the new proper load order:
UnofficialSkyrim Patch.esp
Dawnguard.esm (if you are using Dawnguard)
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp (if you are using Dawnguard)
SMPC_DG.esp (if you are using Dawnguard)
HearthFires.esm (if you are using HearthFires)
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp (if you are using HearthFires)
SMPC_HF.esp (if you are using HearthFires)
Dragonborn.esm (if you are using Dragonborn)
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp (if you are using Dragonborn)
SMPC_DB.esp (if you are using Dragonborn)

Open License
We believe that fixpacks should be open and free for mod authors to work with. We
are granting to all Nexus Mod Authors permission to use our materials in their
work with the following requirements:
1) Notify us that they do so. Permission is always granted and you don't need our
acknowledgement, but a notification is important for us because sometimes we
need to coordinate our efforts with other authors.
2) Credit us.
Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why can't I see some of the fixes?
A: Sometimes the AI needs some time to reset. Sometimes, our fixes can only be
applied at the start of a new game or before the quest ever started. This is an
engine limitation and the safest method. Remember to read the Changes
section with suggestions if some special fixes require that when you add
SMPC to an already running game.

Q: Why isn't this mod included in the USKP?
A: As you can read in USKP docs in the '6. Thanks' section, I'm credited there (Hexaae)
as I collaborated in the past. Also recently some of our patches and solutions have
been included in the USKP, but since we had new exciting ideas and a capable team
we decided to release a separate, our own, additional mod for the most exigent
users and with less compromises. If some didn't like this and reacted badly,
it's not our problem. This mod is free to download.

Q: Should I install the "SMPC Overwrite" patch I've found at the USKP download
A: That mod is not approved by us and some users reported us it
can break or corrupt your savegame already running SMPC. Since we have already
carefully reviewed the overwrites in it and incorporated those we considered valid,
the answer is NO, DO NOT INSTALL IT. It's pointless since we do process submitted
and reproducible bug-reports so no extra third party mod is required.
Currently, the vast majority of our users are quite satisfied with our work with a very
small number of bugs reported (and fixed).

Q: My language is not supported, and when I use SMPC Skyrim CTDs immediately. What's
A: SMPC is a localized mod. Please contact me and I'll add support to your language in
next version.

Q: TES5Edit says there are some identical to master records in SMCP. Should I
automatically clean-up them?
A: No, these are intentional.

Q: Can you merge all SMPC patches into a single one please?
A: No. They should be used with that exact load order, if you have (or not) the DLCs, sorry.


(Jun 2013) Parallel project started (see download section): Misc sound fixes SMPC Sound Fixes (temp_sounds.esp, now SMPC_sounds.esp).

Recommended 3rd party mod fixes

Flora Respawn Fix
Fires Hurt

A few technical things to know...

This is a localized mod (= string files are in the BSA under data\strings).
You can turn it to non-localized (= strings will be embedded directly into the ESP) with TES5Edit:
RMB and select Other/Localization/Delocalize plugin. Then CK will load it fine
(notice you should temporarily extract also the scripts from the BSA).

This SMPC.esp (and DLC patches) is actually an ESM.

Before you submit any bug by PM or in the Comments area be sure it is reproducible with just USKP mods + SMPC mods + the vanilla game + official DLCs only and no other mod: backup %LOCALAPPDATA%\Skyrim\plugins.txt and disable ANY extraneous mod. Clean-up data\scripts, data\meshes, data\strings etc. from loose files left by other mods as sometimes just disabling a mod is not sufficient.

If you have to report a problem with clipping models etc., open console and click on it: will return its FormID (notice that FF00xxxx are unusable as debugging since are run-time generated, don't report please).
Useful console commands to report issues:
tfc = (toggle) movable camera so you can fly closer to the object
disable/enable = to make an object disappear/reappear, to be sure is the one you wanted to click on
player.getpos x
player.getpos y
player.getpos z = to get current player coords
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED "STATUS" MOD BY many_gt (read below)! Useful to report current cell coords for example...
NON-DETAILED reports without FormIDs etc. will be IGNORED, sorry.
Valid: «the dirt pile "0x00xxxx" in "SolitudeExterior02" is clipping through the wall.»


Language: Ita, Eng, Ger, Pol, French, Spanish, Russian. Polish version kindly provided by niedroProg.
Added also some other optional minor fixes in the download section. French strings by SmaugNogardeht. Russian strings by EscondeR.

Special thanks to mannygt and his invaluable help in the making of this mod and his suggestions.
Special thanks to Axonis for his precious help and support.
Thanks to all contributors and Bethesda for this game (a bit less for the many bugs).
Thanks also to the creators of the following tools: TES5Edit, NifSkope, TESVTranslator, fuz_extractor.exe, BSAOpt, Champollion, Paint.NET...