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This mod provides a lightweight, compatible, and FPS friendly overhaul to Riverwood!

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Have you ever wanted your towns in game to look nicer, but don't like the associated FPS loss or incompatibilities that come with major overhauls? Then this mod is for you!

This mod adds some light clutter around the town of Riverwood. It doesn't go overboard adding thousands of things that you will never see or notice, tanking your FPS in the process, and causing massive compatibility issues. Instead, I focused on adding easily noticed details in the major parts of the town, providing an updated look to Riverwood, while still maintaining that vanilla feel!

This overhaul doesn't edit any vanilla records, it only adds new ones. This means it's great for compatibility! You can combine this mod with other mods that affect Riverwood without worrying about which navmesh edits will win, or one mod removing an object another mod relies on, etc! At worst, there might be some clipping, but that can be easily fixed by simply disabling the objects from this mod with the console. Or, you could request a small patch from me to remove the objects from this mod in the conflicting area. Then you get to use both mods, and nothing breaks!

The file is an .esp flagged as an .esl, so it won't take up any space in your load order!

Other mods with built in compatibility -
Lux Orbis
Lux Via
AI Overhaul
Idyllic Riverwood (it is an optional file in the Files section)

Load order doesn't matter, as no vanilla records are edited. LOOT placement is fine.

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