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New animations to stop your character from knocking plates and drinks off tables whenever you sit down

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Improved Table Transitions

Fixes an issue that has bugged me for quite a while now, that being whenever a character sits at a table.
Plates, drinks and food go flying about the room......................
+1 for Havok
-1 for Immersion

These animations aim to fix that!
Now instead of throwing your hands about like a half drunken milk drinker.
You will sit down and stand back up like the true well balanced Nord(or whatever you are) that you are!

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No known requirements

- Recommended -
XP32 Skeleton
Mu Joint Fix - Most accurate With
Racemenu High Heels - Most accurate with

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Credits and socials

Thanks to Kars for the original Blender Rig used in this animations creation

Permission to edit/release/update/distribute these files noncommercially as you wish as long as you credit me as the original creator! Please consult me before porting to Skyrim LE or Console
All mods are planned to be nexus releases once completed! 

You can also find me on other websites under the same name Sonderbain

Special thanks to

Hal - Filipe Alves - Wings ten74
arpsyker - Ryuuji Gremory - syhina - IronLegend747
Vivi - Tj Kenmate - Chrisbang008 - boing boing
Jeefrey Jonas - Xephiratone - Sigma Team

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