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A MCO moveset inspired by 2B greatsword animations from the Nier Automata game.
Includes DAR functionality for Nier Outfit mods and AMR motion data for steps

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GLoRy to Mankind


Hello fellow mod users and makers.
Today I have for you a brand new set of fully hand crafted original animations based on the Nier game.
All 7 attack animations (4 light x 3 power) have been fully adapted to MCO and AMR.
With added bonus of DAR functionality similar to that of my 2B Idle animation mod for all animations including the new Greatsword Idle.

1.5x Attack speed is included via DAR for all attack animations

- Wide grip -
These animations have been made to be accurate in stance and style to the original game.
This includes a wider grip that doesn't match up to the length of some weapon mods.
In optional files I have included a weapon bodyslide for 2B's greatsword
from immyneedscakes Nier Automata Weapon pack
This bodyslide allows you to customize the swords grip via bodyslide to match how you like.
And also the blades length to better resemble the longer blade from the original game

The Main DAR Version

Requires wearing at least one piece of an outfit from one of the Nier mods listed below

[TheMilkDrinker] YoRHa 2B Attire - Use xxxODDxx's espfe
[Army]2B Lingerie - available free on their patreon
[immyneedscake] NIER 2B Set by Team TAL - available from from immyneedscakes "The Bakery" discord
*New support coming soon for all versions of my 2B Animations
 2B Re(in)carnation Remastered - Available free on Immyneedscakes website

MCOAMR and DAR also required

The Standalone Versions

Should only require MCOAMR and DAR

Here are some video examples

Here is also a great video by Arjarim which Displays my Animations

Also check out some of my other work

My bodyslide used in these pictures is available here
Sonderbain's Waifu Bodyslide - Kaisel 3BA

Credits and Socials
Thanks to Sswaye for making this possible!

Thanks to God aka Kars for the Blender Rig used in this animations creation

Permission to edit/release/update/distribute these files noncommercially as you wish as long as you credit me as the original creator!
All mods are planned to be nexus releases once completed! 

You can also find me on other websites under the same name Sonderbain
Want to support my work?

Feel like hanging out with fellow modders and seeing exclusive screenshots?