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A new restaurant in the College Midden, manned by a literal skeleton crew. Eat Pizza, bake Pizza, have some fun down in the Midden!

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Necro Pizzeria - the brick-and-mortar version of "Necro Pizza - Skyrim Pizza Delivery."

This new restaurant is located in the College Midden - don't worry it will all make sense once you've listened to the Pizzamancer's exposition dump.


- Pizza
- a necromancy powered pizzeria
- Skeletons baking pizza
- Skeletons with moustaches
- bake pizza yourself
- generic guests (Leveled actors - so you will see different people with every cell reset)
- finally meet the Pizzamancer himself
- Doot Doot
- Bone Daddy

Technical stuff:

- flagged ESL
- compatible with OCW, The Midden - Expanded, JK's College and (with the provided patch) also with ICOW
- pizzas are compatible with Survival Mode
- Pizza baking: Pick up one of the menus. Having it in your inventory has two effects:
1. You can bake all the pizzas yourself
2. The baking animation will show pizza instead of the vanilla dumplings
- AnimObject Swapper is needed to make the baking animation show pizza instead of dumplings, everything else works without it
- One of the pizza recipies requires the Rare Curious creation (one of the free ones) - No RC version now available
- This mod makes heavy use of my Human Animation Skeleton Race - this might lead to me making Skeleton Follower that can be recruited at the Pizzeria,
but that is a ton of work (adapting armor to that race and custom voice lines), so don't hold your breath



- Bella for the Necro Pizza logo and the new title card
- Oaristys and CD Projekt Red for some of the decorations
- stoverjm and Blary for the Open Book ressource
- Image by upklyak on Freepik


- The Pizzamancer:
- male waiter lines: xVASynth

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