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hrodeberht1 and bella

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Pizza Delivery all over Skyrim, and beyond!

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Welcome to NECRO PIZZA - the best Pizza in life and death!

Now also supports Survival Mode!
Patch for "Realistic Needs and Diseases" available!
Want this as a sit-down restaurant? Necro Pizzeria has finally opened it's doors.

LE Version
Oblivion Version
Fallout 4 Version
xbox port

You want immersive eating animations for your pizzas: Look here - thanks to Mefariah for making the patch

One fine day a Necromancer had a revelation. Instead of doing evil deeds, he could use his army of undead to start a business: Pizza!
And so "Necro Pizza" was created. Now offering delivery services all over... well, everywhere, thanks to magic.

Pick from 6 pizzas (for now) and have your order delivered by a charming skeletal delivery person. Super fast, super convenient, super delicious!

How to get started?
Once you change location at or above level 3 (this is simply to move it a bit away from the start), the courier will be sent to deliver the Necro Pizza Menu to you.
The order process is started by reading the menu, then closing the inventory. The menus will then guide you through the process.
If you lack the funds for your order, it will be cancelled.

Messages will inform you of your order's status - but the skeletons work very fast, so you'll get your pizza in no time.
The delivery skeleton will then teleport in, deliver your order and collect the gold. (Don't try to take it back - he's essential, and he doesn't have it anyway)

flagged ESL

Prize Customization:
-use the new MCM version OR:
Pizza Prize is stored in the Global "BOB_PizzaPrice". You can change that either via console commands "set bob_pizzaprice to <value>", or of course in xEdit.

Delivery Time Customization:
-use the new MCM version OR:
Delivery time (=the time between "Baking Pizza(s)" and "Sending Delivery Skeleton") is now also a customizable Global called "BOB_Wait". The wait time is in in-game hours, and defaults to 0.08 (~5min). Command: set bob_wait to <value>.

Any more fastfood mods?
Burger Jarl
Sausages of Solitude

- Lost/didn't get the menu: type help "pizza menu" and give yourself the BOOK type item that
comes up (there are a few MSGs as well, so make sure it's the book)
- Probably all problems related to the order process: type resetquest bob_npizzaorder

video showcase by Arctic Scrolls

Cardboard material: ambientCG
pizza fotos (toppings): pixabay
skeleton voice: SKVASynth by DanRuta
meshes, textures and scripting: hrodeberht1
Necro Pizza logo and graphic design: bella
background pizza in title image: unsplash

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