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This Mod overhauls Saadia's appearance.

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High Poly Saadia replacer. Compatibility patch for AI Overhaul  in FOMOD.
This replacer uses a custom CBBE body, skin and textures.

Saadia's body weight has been changed to 100,
(If there is a visible neck gap use console command setnpcweight 100 , then follow by disable and enable to fix face morphs.)


none, the mod is completely standalone



2.Install with mod manager 

3.Activate ESP 

4.Enjoy :)


Load main esp and files after all other NPC overhauls.

Load patches after main esp.


High Poly Head

Even More Eyes By Karolina

KS Hairdos

Bijin Skin CBBE

 Karolina's Brows



How do I fix the Neckgap?

Open console command, select the npc. Type in setnpcweight 100, then follow up by typing disable and enable. Ta-da! Neck gap is gone

How do I Fix Black Face Bug?

1. Make sure my ESP is loaded last in your load order and my files are winning all conflicts.
2. Or manually patch in xEdit.

I do not recommend Face Discoloration Fix as it's a bandaid fix, it doesn't actually resolve the conflict causing the issue.
To make sure your load order is stable and my replacer works as intended just follow the steps above.

Can I change the skin/eye color/body type?

Yes, I made the folder structure very simple to follow and edit,
DATA/Meshes/0Saadia ; DATA/Textures/0Saadia
In these two paths you will find folders with correlating files to Saadia's eyes, body, skin etc.
If you want to change anything just paste your preferred textures and/or meshes in the correct folder and my esp handles the rest.