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Over 100 new fantasy eyes for your characters, including glow and black sclera variants. ESP-FE.

Permissions and credits

- Ported to LE by Khermiit -

I was dissatisfied with the current selection of vertical pupils so I went and made my own. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • Textures are mostly based on the fantastic Beast Eyes by Kala which I adapted for non-beast races. 
  • Eye options include wide, narrow, and jagged pupils. Each in turn has normal, glowing, and black sclera options for a current total of 140 new eyes and 42 heterochromia variants.
  • Eye meshes include double-sided eyelashes, invisibility glitch fix, and ao clipping fix by Artsick.

"Hey, can you do this or that?"

Maybe! Maybe not. I do plan to continue to expand and polish this mod but for now, I just wanted to make it exist.

My eyes look weird!"

Cubemaps, normal maps, ENBs and such will all affect how your eyes look in-game.
If something is really wonky, please use a screenshot to let me know and I might take a look.


Use Racemenu and Expressive Facegen Morphs to adjust iris size and position to what looks best for your character.


This mod would not exist without the work of these mod
authors who were kind enough to provide open permissions:

Iris Textures - Kala's Eyes and Kala's Beast Eyes by Kala
Sclera and Eyelash Textures - The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Sclera Textures - Fia's Eyes by Fialka
AO Gradient - Quaint Eyes by nicostein and Hhaley
Iris Textures - Mikan Eyes by nerune
Eye Meshes - Eyes AO Clipping Fix by Artsick

Plugin made with SSEEdit by Elminster
Sovngarde Font by Koveich