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Adds dynamic changes that occur over time to the ruined farmhouse near Whiterun. An immersion mod that adds a small change of scenery to help Skyrim's world space feel more alive.

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This mod makes edits to the destroyed farmhouse between the Western Watchtower and Fort Greymoor near Whiterun. It applies dynamic changes to the location which evolve over time through a playthrough. This is simply an immersion mod with the goal of making the world space of Skyrim feel a bit more alive. It is designed to be as lightweight, compatible, and fit with the base game as well as possible.

*** This mod requires the latest Environs Master Plugin, found here.
*** Ok to install mid-game.
*** Do NOT update from any version earlier than v3.00.

Skyrim's world space tends to feel very static. Despite a civil war, dragon attacks, and a rising vampire menace, not much ever changes. If the player could notice visible changes taking place over time it would help make the land of Skyrim feel more alive. It would help give a sense that events were occurring and time was passing throughout a playthrough. Ideally, these changes should be as seamless as possible with the base game. This mod attempts to implement this idea at a small vanilla location.

When you start the game the farmhouse will be intact, and there will be two elderly NPCs who live there.

The farmhouse will be destroyed later as you progress through the game (destroyed by the dragon at the Western Watchtower if you choose the Default file). After some time has passed, a new NPC will arrive, clear the debris, and begin making repairs. Two gravestones will also appear on the hill behind the house. It's hinted that this NPC is the son of the elderly couple who perished.

Eventually the farm will be fully rebuilt and the NPC will settle down to live there, joined by a wife and child. All NPCs have full AI packages and several re-used vanilla voice lines to give them more life. One NPC will even visit Whiterun's market occasionally.

The destruction of the farmhouse is designed to reflect impact of the dragons' arrival in Skyrim, and so is implemented after a certain stage of the Main Quest, but alternative triggers are also available. After this, the farm will remain in ruins for some time before the next stages are enabled. Each subsequent stage is enabled after a certain amount of time has passed in game (each stage has a requirement for the number of in-game days passed). It will take at least 10 days for the new NPC to arrive and begin rebuilding the house. The next stages will advance after 25 days each. The goal is to make the sequence take place gradually through a playthrough, to make it feel as though things are changing in the world with the passage of time. 


Initial State:  Farmhouse intact, with two elderly residents
Destroyed State:  (Vanilla): Farmhouse destroyed during 'Dragon Rising'
Rebuilding Start State:  Rubble removed, new NPC arrives to begin rebuilding.
Partial Rebuilt State:  Rebuilding progress made
Final State: Farm fully rebuilt, family settled


Default - Farmhouse is destroyed after the dragon attack at the Western Watchtower.
Way of the Voice - Farmhouse is destroyed after reaching the Greybeards in High Hrothgar.
Timed Destruction - No reference at all to the Main Quest. Shack is destroyed after 40 in-game days.
Vigilant - Compatible with VIGILANT by Vicn. Farmhouse destroyed as part of a quest during the first act.

(These alternate versions are useful if you have a mod like Skyrim Unbound, which disables the first part of the Main Quest, or if you simply prefer a their approach. The Vigilant version fits nicely with its quest's narrative, in my opinion).

Generally, this mod is designed to be as compatible and lightweight as possible:

- no navmesh changes
- no landscape height changes
- no invisible spells or scripts running in the background constantly
- does not touch vanilla quest records
- does not touch any vanilla NPCs
- does not touch any vanilla interiors
- touches very few vanilla records in general.
- cleaned and checked for errors in xEdit

If you notice file conflicts with my other mods, don't worry. They're simply sharing the same identical scripts, which were designed to be reused. There's no issue and load order won't matter.

Should be compatible with almost everything, except mods that change the same location.


Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley
Alternate Start - Live Another Live
Enhanced Landscapes
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Lux Via
Medieval Lanterns

Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
Skyrim Unbound

Skyrim Underground
 (choose 'Vigilant Version')
Any city overhauls
Any NPC overhauls


Great Forest of Whiterun Hold
Moves one tree

Imperial Stone - The Forts of Skyrim Redone
Moves several objects added by Imperial Stone for compatibility

Interesting NPCs
Moves the safe added by 3DNPCs behind the house where it can be accessed anytime.

Consistency patch to match interior lighting with Lux

RS Children
Uses RS Children to modify the appearance of the child NPC.

Simple Children
Uses RS Children to modify the appearance of the child NPC.

The Kids Are Alright Renewal
Uses TKAA to modify the appearance of the child NPC.

Whiterun Forest Borealis
Moves several trees for compatibility

Moves the initial encounter with Lyssia slightly away from the farmhouse for compatibility.

Northern Roads Patch -Available here


The Drunken Dragon - Player Owned Store
Fall of the Space Core

This mod works by placing several invisible checkpoints in the world which use a simple script to check if the quest and level requirements have been met, and enables the correct stage once true. These checkpoints are placed just outside the gates of each major city in Skyrim (Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Windhelm, and Riften), areas most people will pass through occasionally. This is a way to ensure each stage is triggered off screen, and is relatively simple and non-bloaty, as there are no constantly running scripts. It should allow the sequence of stages to occur naturally over your playthrough.

If Aevar dies before or during the rebuilding of the farmhouse, the progress will stop and never finish (A bit more immersion this way. His stats have been slightly boosted so hopefully he's not killed too easily.)

Other mods that help the world space feel more dynamic, that served as inspiration:

Merchants of Skyrim - by Darkfox127
Skyrim Realistic Conquering - All In One - by Rubenvd7
Lawbringer - by EpicCrab
The Stumbling Sabrecat - by Tarlazo
After Civil War - Siege Damage Repairs - by Tarlazo
Whiterun Watchtower Doesn't Start Broken - by Jayserpa
BUVARP SE RE - by AndrealphusVIII

Extra shoutout and thanks to Darkfox127 for his awesome Creation Kit tutorials on Youtube.

Feel free to use any resources from my mods for your own, as long as you leave some credit. 

Please create any compatibility patches that I have been too unaware or lazy to do myself ;)

Due to Mods revising its port rules, I am publicly giving permission to anyone to upload, maintain and merge my mods for Xbox on under the condition they do not claim the mods as their own and agree to remove them from if asked to do so.

Open permission to anyone to upload translations of my mods for other languages, as long as you leave some credit. 

Open permission to anyone who wants to convert and upload my mods to LE, as long as you leave some credit.  To much work for me!