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Modding Resources that will be used across the multiple mods I will be releasing in the future.

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 - Description - 
These resources will be used as a master for my future mods, this will prevent me from having to upload duplicate meshes / textures / scripts that would otherwise be present across multiple mods. Furthermore, it will allow me to update assets in a single location when I need to modify or fix it.

 - Installation - 
- Use a mod manager software such as Vortex, install, enable the mod and voilà!
- Or drop the content of the archive into your "Skyrim Special Edition\Data" folder

This file is an .esl and will act as a master, it does not override any references and only contains additional references that will be used by my other mods therefore it should be perfectly safe almost anywhere in the Load Order but I would still recommend to load it as early as possible.

 - Disclaimer - 
These resources are mainly aimed towards my own mods, but if other modders wish to use some of the assets that I created they are able to do so by
adding this mod as a dependency (the same way I do with my other mods), otherwise I do not allow duplication of these resources in any way.

"I hope you will enjoy my work and keep supporting me, if you like my creations please endorse the mods and check out the rest of my work on my profile page.
For those that wish to support me further, you can find me on Patreon or on Paypal."

- Hylios