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Overhauls The Hag's Cure in Markarth.

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"The Hag's Cure is here for all your discreet needs..."

- Bothela

 - Description - 
The Hag's Cure is an apothecary in Markarth, the shop can easily be missed as it located in a small nook overlooking the Blacksmith and Cidhna Mine. It is owned and operated by Bothela, an old female Breton which managed to turn the insults targeting her old age and affinity for magic into a marketing device. Muiri has been helping Bothela run the shop while apprenticing under her.

 - Installation - 
- Make sure your version of HS Resources is up to date, if not, download and install the latest release, this is a mandatory requirement and you might be missing some items if you're using an outdated version. Make sure to track the mod as well so you get notified of any update.
- Use a mod manager software such as Vortex, install, enable the mod and voilà!
- Or drop the content of the archive into your "Skyrim Special Edition\Data" folder

The Loot auto-sort should take care of the rest, but if I'm a bit behind in committing the rules for the newly released mods or if you want to mess around your Load Order on your own it is recommended to load this mod fairly late in the LO to prevent any other mods to mess with visual elements of the cell, patches might be required in some cases but I will not be making them myself unless I'm personally using the mod.

Add-ons included in the optional files :

- A Compatibility patch disabling ELFX changes made to the cell edited by this mod.
- A Compatibility patch disabling LUX changes made to the cell edited by this mod.

 - Compatibility - 
If I get the chance, I shall list below some of the mods that have been reported as incompatible and requiring patching, I will not be making any patches myself as mentioned in my FAQ.

 - Disclaimer - 
The mod as well as the patches are ESL flagged. I will not be releasing variants or All-In-One versions of these mods since that will go against the "modular" philosophy behind them, letting you pick and choose which location you want to install and having multiple version of the same thing would quickly make this a nightmare to maintain.

"I hope you will enjoy my work and keep supporting me, if you like my creations please endorse the mods and check out the rest of my work on my profile page or one of the Collections below.
For those that wish to support me further, you can find me on Patreon or on Paypal."

- Hylios

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