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Darker Retexture and Upscaled Resolution for volvaga0's mods Bandanas of Skyrim and Blindfolds of Skyrim in a FOMOD Installer, with Performance option for Potato PCs

Permissions and credits
The texture files from the original mod were 1K in BC1 compression. I have cleaned all files of compression artifacts caused by these older compression formats, and then upscaled them all by 4x, to a maximum resolution of 4K with BC7 compression and generated full mipmaps. I cleaned and upscaled them using Cupscale/ESRGAN and then finalized with NVIDIA Texture Tools and Octagon

Requires the original mods; overwrite with this one.
Thank you to volvaga0 for creating Bandanas of Skyrim and Blindfolds of Skyrim and for granting me permission to modify and publish these texture files. 

Performance Options for Potato PCs
Mipmaps and BC7 compression reduce VRAM usage, especially when the files are cleaned of compression artifacts.
For Potato PCs, I've uploaded a downscaled version where the diffuse texture files are larger than normal and environment map files, which are less visible in game. This reduces VRAM usage considerably while maintaining higher visual quality, using the Octagon config files posted on this mod, which I recommend using if you have a Potato PC.

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Animals and Creatures
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Weapons, Armor and Gear
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Cloaks and Capes 4K
Bandanas and Blindfolds of Skyrim 4K Retexture
Chitin and Dwemer Goggles and Scouter 4K-2K
Tribunal Robes and Masks 4K
DeserterX Faction Crossbows
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DLCs & Misc
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