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For potatoes of all types and sizes! I've downscaled Kartoffel's Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures for increased performance with minimal loss in visual quality. Several options available depending on how potato your system is.

Permissions and credits
Kartoffel did a great job making Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures, which features vanilla textures cleaned of compression artifacts, bad bicubic upscaling removed, and other random fixes applied. If your system can handle it, you should run that and her mod Skyrim Special Edition Upscaled Textures.

If you're reading this, however, you're probably interested because your system is a bit of a potato.
Well, don't worry, as I'm here to help serve every type of potato, and hopefully make Skyrim a bit more accessible.

In addition to using Kartoffel's Cleaned Textures as a base instead of Bethesda's original textures, this mod differs from previous performance texture mods in that it treats diffuse texture files differently from normal maps, specular files, and other types of textures that are less visible. It also furthers downscales heavy VRAM hitters like grass and flora, and maintains higher resolution for larger objects like mountains and dragons.

I used Octagon for texture processing, and have uploaded the different config files that I use. Note that I altered some just for this mod, so they're not all there.

How cooked is your potato??
Below are the Maximum Resolution of All Files in 'Diffuse/Maps' for different versions of the main files.
There are optional modules so you can alter the resolution of one piece of a package.

For Baked Potatoes
You mostly run Vanilla Skyrim fine, but get FPS plunges outdoors and in heavy engine moments.
Grass: 1k/512
Flora: 1k/512
Trees: 1k
Mountains: 2k
Glaciers: 2k
Dragons: 2k
Everything Else: 2k/1k

For Mashed Potatoes
60 fps? What's that!? 
Landscapes: 1k
Grass: 512
Flora: 512
Trees: 1k
Mountains: 2k
Dragons: 2k
Character Skins: 1k
Everything Else: 1k/512

For Potato Soup
Your friends question whether your old crappy laptop can run any game at all (don't listen), but you're insistent and XilaMonstrr keeps egging you on (do iittt)
Landscapes: 1k/512
Trees: 1k/512
Mountains: 1k
Dragons: 1k
Character Skins: 1k/512
Everything Else: 512/256

Put high up in your load order, shortly after USSEP and before any other mods with textures.
This is a complete texture replacer, so any other texture mods placed below it will overwrite these. You should be able to delete the vanilla Skyrim bsas if you really need the space, but I haven't thoroughly tested for missing texture files.

Addon Options
I've included an optional version of Kartoffels Quality Cubemaps in 2x vanilla resolution

Dehydrated Potato Flakes
You still have trouble running Skyrim even with the Potato Soup files. Luckily there's some addon files to further downscale heavy hitters. It may not look great, but It Just Works!

For xLODgen, I used similar settings to what I use for LowRes Xbox Terrain LOD
I'll be uploading DynDOLOD output to this mod page soon

Checkout High Quality Tintmasks by Shiva182, which has a 512 option (same as vanilla)

AE Creation Club Textures
Now available here

I am offering performance-optimized texture options on nearly all my published mods, so please check out my other mods if you're looking for more stuff for your Potato

If you are interested in collaborating on Overhaul projects, or levelling up your experience of modding Skyrim, please join my discord server, Skypocalypse.

Skypocalypse is above all a place for COLLABORATION, a community hub for mutual aid to level up our skills and Skyrim itself.
This server is the host to Skypocalypse Academy, where modders and porters of all skill and experience levels assist each other as we dive ever deeper into transforming the bones of this magical game. Featuring an extensive library of tools and resources, The Academy is meant to be as educational as it is welcoming.
We know from experience that modding is an extremely addictive past-time and can be a slippery slope from creating a simple load order to porting mods to going full boat and attempting to rebuild Skyrim from the ground up. That's why we believe in a community that integrates Xbox and PC gamers along with porting noobs and experienced mod authors. We all have more to learn, and modding Skyrim to its extreme is a community effort to say the least.
Skypocalypse is meant to be a gaming community that supports collaborative efforts. The gaming and social channels here are intended to foster the social connections that help act as glue for our collaborative work.[/size]