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Octagon is a texture batch tool, it allow you to change format, size, compression, backup original files, apply GMIC filters to large directories of textures. Made for SSE but also work for F4, and any titles which use DDS as texture format. Use it to reduce VRAM usage, or if you're a modder, use it to properly format your textures packs.

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This batch tool allow you to change all your texture in one go. It works with the standard data folder or Mo2 mods folder.
It can downscale/upscale textures, change format/compression, apply custom GMIC filters, create or correct mipmaps, apply a custom command line tool.
It also can saves original textures in a backup folder, in case something goes wrong.
It should be working with any game using DDS files as textures.

Depending of your needs, you'll find Octagon useful for:
  • Reducing VRAM usage, if you don't have enough or just want to gain fps, by reducing textures sizes,
  • Reformat and correct Oldrym ported mods textures,
  • Make different sizes of your textures pack,
  • Apply custom filters to your textures pack,
  • Merge mo2 mods ressources,
  • Repack loose files into BSAs automatically,
  • Correct wrong size or mipmaps of your textures,
  • Upscale textures (you'll need, at least i strongly recommend, an upscaler tool for that)

See this article for help if you don't know how to do the installation or needs tools and utility links.

See the FAQ to help you get started with basic configuration and Octagon usage.

You can ask in the comments for any bugs or any features not working as it should, i'll look into it.
Also the FAQ is here to be filled, so if anything is unclear please ask so i'll fill the FAQ for future users.

You can find the source here.