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Adds 295 books from earlier TES games into Skyrim and re-covers them in the style of Book Covers Skyrim with High-Resolution Textures. New books will be found on a broad range of Merchants and relevant Loot Lists. Plus ESL-flagged plugin and performance options for Potato PCs

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A new standalone version of Danielcoffey's Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library with cleaned and upscaled textures.
Original textures were BC1 and BC3 compression and 512 x 1024 resolution. Now they're BC7 compression and 2048 x 4096 resolution, with full mipmaps.
Also included is an ESL-flagged plugin, which will not work with previously-made patches.

- Books included : 295 titles from Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Developer Texts
- Textures : Original or Desaturated
- Merchant Lists : General Merchants, Caravans, Fences, Jarl's Wizards, Orc Wisewomen, Urag, Brand Shei
- Loot Lists : Cheap, Common, Valuable, Religious, Rare and Clutter
- NPC Lists : Silver Hand, Vigilants of Stendarr, Bandit Wizards, Forsworn Wizards, Thalmor Wizards
- Skill Books : One book for each skill has been hand-placed in the world
- Book Hunt : First Editions. "A chance overheard conversation informs you that Dravin Llanith is seeking the identity of a mystery Breton that he had to bury near Merryfair Farm in the Rift. He is too busy with work to answer questions himself but please read the Note he left at the burial site."

I recommend using this with Book Covers Skyrim 4K

If you use Legacy of the Dragonborn, you will need the LotD patch, which is an empty plugin that overwrite the main plugin. It has LotD flagged as a master to make sure that it loads afterwards. And you should of course use my upscaled textures for LotD.

Performance Options for Potato PCs
Mipmaps and BC7 compression reduce VRAM usage, especially when the files are cleaned of compression artifacts.
For Potato PCs, I've uploaded downscaled versions where the diffuse texture files are larger than normal and environment map files, which are less visible in game. This reduces VRAM usage considerably while maintaining higher visual quality, using the Octagon config files posted on this mod, which I recommend using if you have a Potato PC.
Both are full versions with FOMOD installer, not requiring the main file.
Choose either:
2k/1k for Baked Potatoes
1k/512 for Mashed Potatoes

If you want full 2k or full 1k, etc, then use Cathedral Assets Optimizer

Installation Instructions
I have prepared this as compressed BSAs, primarily because every file not in a BSA slows down loading times, so mods with a massive number of files like this one (700 texture files alone) can have a noticeable impact on loading times.
The extra plugins (with numeric digits) are esl-flagged esp files that are necessary for the BSAs to load.

If you want to use loose files instead, delete all plugins except 'Book Covers Skyrim Lost Library.esp' and extract the BSAs

More from DanielCoffey
Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library brings high quality covers in the style of Book Covers Skyrim to a very broad range of almost three hundred books from previous Elder Scrolls games and their expansions. It is a logical extension to Book Covers Skyrim and is fully compatible with that mod.

Subjects range from light-hearted comedy, traditional poetry, plays, stories and legends to heretical diatribes, dark prophecies, cult agendas and insane gibberish.

The new books will be found on Merchants of many types as well as on any NPC that you would expect to have books in their inventory. Similarly, any container that could previously provide a book will have a chance of the new titles. Many of the more esoteric books have had a single copy hand-placed in the world.

Please be aware that the Merchants are not guaranteed to have one of the new books as the lists they draw from have a chance of no item. While a General Merchant is quite likely to have a Cheap or Common book or two, you would have to ask the Jarl's Wizards or the Orc Wisewomen if they are lucky enough to have any of the rare or valuable books. Members of the Thieves Guild with access to the Fences will find they tend to be well supplied. Urag in Winterhold is particularly well connected with book suppliers and Brand Shei in Riften has a specific interest that fits with his history.

One book has been defined as a skill book for each of the game's skills and has been hand-placed in the world. Placement does tend to have a certain logic to it. While some are fairly easy to find, others are well hidden. If you are used to searching for rare items in Morrowind, you will feel at home here. Skill books will never appear in a Merchant's inventory or on an NPC. Many of the skill books will have an owner that you may have to become friends with in order to take the book without stealing.

Bashed Patches
Since the Lost Library inserts books into Merchant and Item Levelled Lists, you MUST use the Wrye Bash tool to facilitate compatibility between all your mods that affect these assets. Once installed, Wrye Bash will create a file called "Bashed Patch, 0.esp" which contains the aggregated changes to Levelled Lists that all your mods require.

Whenever you add or remove a mod that affects Levelled Lists, you MUST use Wrye Bash's "Rebuild Patch..." function to refresh the Bashed Patch.

The Imperial Library for collecting the contents of the TES books in one place and making it available for use
Phoenix Amon (Daleth) for Book Jackets Oblivion
Grimbot for Grimbot's DLC Book Jackets for Oblivion for the free worn book stock images
Achaley for the Dragon of Ysgramor emblem

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