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  1. JohnNav
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    Thank you Volek for creating MHiYH for Skyrim and Allie for SSE conversion
    When using AFT-SE with MHiYH-SE: Use [Tweak>Action-> Dismiss, hangout here] to place any AFT Follower on MHiYH Schedule.

    With AFT you can 'Tweak Hire' most any NPC; once that NPC is hired, it becomes your friend and Follower.
    Then you can then see MHiYH[Lets Talk About Home] in their Dialog.

    ^AFT-SE Multi-Follower Management MOD Summery: Up to 7 following and 64 Followers overall.
    Full werewolf support including ability to turn followers
    into werewolves/Vampire (lords). Possession and a sleep command.
    Pack Mule (optional) support (followers have 1000 carry capacity) including item fast transfer
    and automated fencing.
    Control follower gear, combat spells, combat style, aggression, morality
    and courage. Followers will ride horses, make camp, ignore traps and
    friendly fire, recharge weapons, teleport to the PC on weapon draw and
    even dance...
    Watch or manage your followers level up, view stats, perks and spells.
    Create and assign up to three outfits (support for custom items). Pose
    followers around your house/camp or just tell them to hangout where you
    want them. Plus lead the way with Various AI tweaks and actual Follower AI role playing Combat Styles
    From Sofia, Inigo and Vilja MOD Author: "It is absolutely fine to have with MHiYH in your game"
    HOWEVER: ""You shouldn't use any follower AI mods on (AI enhanced Follower) since this messes with her custom AI. You can use them alongside her with other followers but not on her."
    " ALWAYS put (Sofia, Inigo, Vilja) BELOW any follower managment mods such as AFT, UFO and EFF (or MHiYH) in your load order. "
    ->Also note with MHiYH: Guard Mode can be very aggressive; consider 'Work Here' as an alternative if necessary.
  2. NinaZalupina
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    Why there's no russian translation?
    1. Dellarie123
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      Потому что учи английский, колхозан 
  3. 762111910120
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    addtofaction 5C84D 1

    using the command line above if you guys don't see the text line :"let's talk about your home" when talking with NPC after invited him/her to your party. remember to disband your npc from your party first and type command line also choose which NPC will be added your command line by left mouse click on him/her before enter

    after that, you can talk to her/him about your home. i tell this problem because i got it with multiple followers framework mod (can invite a lagre number of NPCs upto 512 NPCs at the same time to escort you, haha =)) ) after i uninstalled AFT follower mod then i could't see text line of my home is your home mod.

    P/s: my english is not good, still improve it.
    1. ghostofrimera
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      Thank you so much!  And don't worry about your English, we understood you!
  4. ErenBlaze11
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    Recently I had some problems with Serana who became useless to follow, (I didn't pay attention to the warning about her in the description, srry) basically I asked her to go get cured of vampirism after I had already made her live in my house.
    Result, she stayed inside doing nothing and saying something like "I need to do this", "I'll be back when i finish this". 

    For those who were as dumb as me, and still deleted any save that could have reversed this situation. I found a way to solve this.

    Detail, you need to use the command console.

    Just use the command "
    setstage DLC1SeranaCureSelfQuest 100", thus ending the process of vampirism cure.

    (Srry for bad english, i'm using google translate)
  5. nybor01
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    I have a problem I don't see the mod when I lunch MCM and I can't use this mod at all... 
    1. doahs
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      Check that the plugin has been activated in Vortex and activated in the game mod tab. 
  6. cdemesa90
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    is it possible to move my spouse also along w/ the children? my apologies a noob question of me
  7. CrazyRav13
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    Heyo was juster wondering if there's a work around for the interior cell situation, IE when you tell a follower's home while in an interior cell it wont go outside even for a little bit. They wont go into the interior cell (the house) if i tell them on the grounds of say a player home mod either. is there a workaround so that followers will go into and out of the cell like they actually live there?
  8. diegogizmo
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    I use NFF and nothing shows up, tho people here said it would work with NFF. Well it doesnt for me...
    1. thumbincubation
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      Does it load before or after NFF?
    2. Tetrol88
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      Working fine for me with NFF - this loading way before NFF
    3. a1racer
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      With nff there’s really no need for this mod they both do pretty much the same thing. 
    4. keepsyou
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      ig but nff doesn't have dialogue for it, you need to do it through mcm
  9. keepsyou
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    I'm seeing the dialogue option for people who aren't my current follower. Is this happening for anyone else? I'm also using NFF, could this a compatibility issue?
  10. Back2friday
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    Can anyone tell me why i need this if Amazing Follower Tweaks does the same thing? 
    1. sagiboi
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      AFT lets you dismiss your follower at a custom point but everytime you have to travel to that location to dismiss that follower there. MHIYH lets you save a custom location so that everytime you dismiss a follower from anywhere he goes to that custom location.
  11. sagiboi
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    this mod needs to be updated to work beyond vanilla and dlc followers( i.e. dawnguard and dragonborn). I don't advise cc followers or custom followers beyond mentioned in the sticky post to be used with this mod or you going to be break some script. ( like following options or seeing the home option in conversation againt).