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Volek and Smashly and JohnNav - Ported by bchick3

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This is a port of the original Skyrim mod to SSE with permission from the original authors.

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This is a port to SSE of the original Skyrim mod My Home is Your Home (MHiYH 2plus) with permission from the original authors.

Want more than 250 slots?  Here you go: MHIYH 8 In 1

Prompt Error Fix for this mod is found here: My Home is Your Home (MHIYH 2 Plus) - Prompt Error Fix

 You may not redistribute, upload or otherwise use the assets of this mod in any way without express permission from the original authors.
Mod cannot be uploaded anywhere else other than nexus without express permission from the authors.

Required for proper functionality:

1) Latest Version of SKSE64 and all of its requirements
2) Latest Version of SkyUI SSE and all of its requirements

DO NOT attempt to install the oldrim mods mentioned in the original description as it probably wont work at best and at worst it will destroy the universe.

The description below is copied from the original mod so the links in it will be pointing to oldrim mods, not SSE mods

Smashly's MHiYH V3.1 with MCM - MHiYH adds a daily and Nightly AI Scheduling for Followers and NPC's to Volek's original MHiYH - Plus:

- Supports 250 MHiYH Followers

- Set Individual Followers to almost any Location as home

- We can set Follower assignments thru the classic dialog or MCM

- We now have Settings for a choice of 2 Work times and sleep times ( AM or PM ) for the Follower

- We can double the Followers that use Beds, by setting sleep schedule to AM or PM For individual Followers

- We can set a Group of Followers to have Breakfast and/or Dinner in one place
( an Inn, House - actually any Dwelling or location )

- We can change what Followers are in what Group - you have several to chose from

- With MHiYH v3.1 we can set a Follower, Group Followers on the Fly to there assignments

- Set [ This is your Home ] for most non-spawning Pets, Horses and Summon it anywhere from there MHiYH Pasture/Dog House.
( Then use the MHiYH MCM to set [Work Cell am-pm] and [Sleep Cell am-pm] for most Pets. Works with most Follower Management MODS)

- MHiYH Homies will travel thru load Doors and multiple Cells to reach assigned destinations.

- We can summon any Follower in MCM MHiYH to you, the PC

- We can Travel to any Follower in MCM MHiYH

- Followers on MHiYH Schedules will use stairs in there home and at there work

- We can open any Followers inventory in MHiYH MCM

Smashly has optimized the Original Scripts and code.
MHiYH v3.1 will also show up in Followers Dialog more reliably then Original 1.21

•They will wander around, eat, sleep, use furniture and tools.
•You can assign guard/sleep/work areas for up to 250 followers. The assigned area can be anywhere, they will change locations to reach.
•You can fast-travel to any follower's home if you talk to them while they are following.
•Compatible with most, if not all Follower Management MODs or Vanilla, and Spouses Can Live Everywhere
•Supports custom followers

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
and perhaps all other Follower Management MODs not tested -

REQUIREMENTS: Newest SKSE Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and SkyUI_4_1 -
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

HOW TO = To put your Follower on a MHiYH Schedule:

-1- When in main living area of Home or most any Skyrim location, in Followers Dialog " [Lets talk about Home...] " then chose
[This is your new Home]

-2- Bring Follower near the Bed you want them to sleep in, then :
[ Lets talk about Home... ] then, [ About this particular Area ] then, [ You may sleep in this area during the Night ]
= 10pm to 6am ( or set day )

-3- Walk the Follower to a work area ( Example: Around that homes exterior or interior - Even a fair distance from home )
[ Lets talk about Home... ] then, [ About this particular Area ] then, [ You may work here during the Day ] = 9am to 5pm ( or set night )
Dismiss Follower and That's it

Regain Follower following with [Follow me]

To cancel MHiYH on that Follower use Dialog [You don't like your home] or MCM
= = = = = = = = =

After MHiYH is set. then dismiss Follower to go on MHiYH scheduled AI with:
Vanilla = Dismiss Follower
AFT = (Dismiss, hang out here)
FLP = ( Go Home, I will call you when I need you)
EFF= MHYH's home sandbox overrides EFF's residence sandbox, but not immediately.
SMF = Dismiss Follower
UFO = •It may happen that your dismissed followers will walk towards their original home before MHiYH overrides the UFO home sandbox. They should turn around after a while and go to the home you gave them.

= = = = = = = = =
Known Issues:
•If you want to play any Dawnguard quest that involves Serana, it is strongly advised to unregister her before continuing (tell her she may go wherever she likes).
•Followers guarding an area might not always react to incoming threats, unless they are attacked.
•Followers guarding an area might attack friendly people. Save your game before using the guard order!
- Vilja has setting for her own Home, do not set MHiYH for Vilja.
- iNPC Followers have been totally fine. ( We are still testing iNPC when questing, no issues yet )
- Some MODs like Inconsequential NPCs may have a (Quest Priority ) above that of MHiYH ( Experiment :)