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This mod will make the nights in Skyrim darker. Interiors will be darker during the night as well unless they are well lit. There are seven levels of darkness to choose from.

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Now you see me...

This mod will make the nights in Skyrim darker. There are seven levels of darkness to choose from - Level 0 is the darkest (94% reduction) and Level 6 is the closest to vanilla (22% reduction).

Interiors will be darker during the night as well unless they are well lit - this includes artificial lights. This mod reduces the level of sunlight and moonlight coming from windows and cave entrances and the ambient light depending on the time of the day. It does not affect regular light sources, and this means an interior lighting overhaul needs to be used alongside this mod for the best result. 


This mod will provide patches for all major weather overhauls and popular weather tweaking mods. This will ensure a fairly consistent level of darkness regardless of your environmental mod preferences.

Make sure to download the correct version of the original mod when using my patches, otherwise you will get a CTD.

Mods with merged patches (included in the main file - only one can be used at a time):
True Storms 1.01
Vivid Weathers 1.16 and 2.30
Climates Of Tamriel 5.7
Rustic Weathers and Lighting v32
Mythical Ages - weathers and lighting overhaul 1.04
Dolomite Weathers 1.6
Obsidian Weathers 1.04 (incl. optional True Storms Patch)
NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel 0.4.2c
Unofficial Vivid Weathers and True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch 1.1
TSCoT Compatibility Patch 1.03
Ionas177's Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel - True Storms Compatibility Patch 1.03 (Dark and Stormy, Eerie Skies, True Storms Pure)
Ionas177's Vivid Weathers - True Storms Compatibility Patch 1.02 (Ominous, Surreal)
Ionas177's Dolomite Weathers - True Storms Compatibility Patch 1.02 (Light Fog, Heavy Fog)
Ionas177's Mythical Ages - True Storms Compatibility Patch 1.00 (Horizons, Nimbus)
Ionas177's Rustic Weathers - True Storms Compatibility Patch 1.00 (Dusky, Overcast)
Ionas177's Obsidian Weathers - True Storms Compatibility Patch 1.00 (Luminous, Spectral)

Mods with Standalone patches (separate plugin files):
NoFog 1.0
Sun Lens Flares V1
Surreal Lighting V20

New Land mods (separate plugin files):
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma 1.33

Optimal load order when using my patches is indicated below. Only relevant plugins are shown, other load order and compatibility restrictions may apply.

## Official DLC and Major weather mods first
Vivid WeathersSE.esp
Vivid Weathers & True Storms MCP.esp

## Minor weather plugins
Surreal Lighting.esp
Sun Lens Flares.esp

## Darker Nights main file (may incl. merged patches)

## Standalone patches last


This mod changes existing vanilla records (or records added by other mods) and thus feel free to install, upgrade, reinstall with a different light level and uninstall normally with no adverse effect on your saved game.


There are 192 plugins in this mod.


This mod is based on the Realistic Nights mod for Skyrim in the sense that it attempts to emulate what the original mod did so I cannot nor want to take full credit and at the same time I cannot nor want compare my work to the original as I'm no artist by any stretch of imagination.