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About this mod

A SKSE plugin which allows player back stab and parry on human and draugr, skeleton, falmer etc., to make player have more choices in melee combat

Permissions and credits
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Version 1.1.2 Change Log

1. Add parry to falmer, 1hm/2hm have different animation.
2. Add special animation for back attack, for creatures not support back stab (draugr, skeleton, falmer), and will largest forward stagger target.
3. Add stamina cost setting in Conf.
4. Add balance (More RPG related) setting for parry in Conf, if target is ## level higher than player, parry will become VERY hard but still Can. This makes parry higher level target very skill-based and dangerous (only can parry weapon swing state).
5. Add enableParry, enableBackstab settings in Conf, which will completely disable feature when toggled off.
6. Slightly expand parry distance, backstab sector.

1. Draugr and Skeleton not 100% in bleed out when parry success
2. Skill growth factor setting not work.
3. Target killed by backstab/parry not counted. 
4. Change draugr/skeleton execution animation to avoid fly forward.
5. Multiple hit animation will end at first hit when apply on noKnockdown flag target.
6. Avoid parry from side.
7. Sometime target can be parry when bash already stopped.
8. Disallow parry when target is bashing.

Known issue
1. CGO user with 2hm kill animation, using 1hm animation replacer instead, but whether it is stable need test.
2. All functions of this mod requires Game Load Event to registered, so if the mod not worked on your end, make sure it get loaded correctly.

1.1.2 Video from author (0:00 1hm, 2:30 2hm)

An explain for "iParryHigherLevelBound=15" in conf.ini
The former is target level 39, player 41, so it's easy to parry
The latter is target level 39, player 1, 39 - 1 = 38 > 15, so it's a little hard to parry (only allow parry when target's weapon is about to hit player)

Why Making this mod?

Do you feel it's a little boring when you are using melee weapon in vanilla game? There are not much choice you can made, just keep distance / block and swing your weapon. For giving some sense of achievement in combat and lore friendly, I decide to write a SKSE plugin to achieve this.

The mod only contains dll plugin and one esl file, it's script-free, there is only one spell in the esl file, so you can uninstall it anytime without affect your save data.

What this mod does?

This plugin allows your character to perform back stab and parry like souls, WITHOUT suicide bug, kill resurrect actor instantly bug, strange dagger cut throat animation bugs etc. 

1. Back stab
Stand behind and close to the human target, attack will trigger back stab. to avoid wired animation the difference of z coordinate between two actors should be less than 1/4 actor height.

It will only trigger "back attack" for erect creatures have no animation, back attack also have extra damage, but has 3 seconds cool down, this encourage player attack from behind of target.

2. Parry
Because the QUICK REFLEXES perk of shield is too powerful and it's hard to balance it. So this mod by default disable parry power attack, but you can toggle it on as you wish.

This mod introduced Timed Bash mechanism:  Bashing Within a certain period of start blocking is "Timed Bash". If target get hit by timed bash while attacking, the target will force into a special state which allow to be executed. The period can be changed in conf.ini file, and the range is from 0.1~2 econds, the lesser the harder, since you may need anticipate whether the target's next action is normal attack that can be parry, because the timed bash period is too short.

Player will stagger during timed bash if target already in hit frame, and there is a cool down (can be changed in configure file) player cannot parry for punishment, also can be changed in configuration file.

For people who want more challenge, toggle off the "bAllowHitFrame" in conf.ini, this will make parry VERY hard since it only allows parry when target is swinging weapon.

Currently allow parry on human, draugr and skeleton. 

It's VERY VERY recommend to install
 Retimed Hit Framesbecause in vanilla game the hit frame is much earlier than it should be, and this mod will make your parry more intuitive. (Just open nemesis, toggle 'Retimed Hit Frames' on)

Still feel HARD to parry?

  • Make sure Retimed Hit Frames installed
  • Make sure your bash is timed bash
  • Make sure there is no parry failed cool down
  • Make sure you are stand in front of target and close
  • May need more practice 
  • Leave it away, using back stab instead

3. Growth
The extra damage of special move above will growth with player's one Handed and two Handed skill, and there is a factor can be changed in configuration file. The range is from 0 ~ 0.1, extra damage = base extra damage * (1 + skill * factor), the default factor is 0.02, which means when your skill is 100 it will gives 3 times base extra damage.

4. Misc
The notification message can be translated by editing configuration file.

You can disable backstab and parry on followers by setting bEnableOnFollower=false in conf.ini


It woulb be imcompatible with mods that edit draugr behaviour, depend on the order, if it override by other mods, you can not parry draugr and skeleton. Appreciate to NickNak for making a patch for Ultimate Combat.

there should have no compatible issue with timed-block mod.

  • Ultimate Combat
  • ordinator
  • wildcat
  • flinch

  • Combat Game Overhaul. IF you are using two hand sword/axes, paired 2hm animation will cause your physical simulation mod broken, such as cloak disappear, character invisible/flash, and other issues. but with 1hm it seems OK

How to Install?

  • SKSE for the correspond game version.
  • Address Library for SKSE Plugins.
  • Make sure you install all the requirements, download my mod install with MO2
  • Run nemesis, update engine
  • Check the  'zxlice Backstab and Parry' checkbox, launch engine, done.


A video from Mur4s4me, 1.0.3

Recommended mod:

Retimed Hit Frames
, can simply install with nemesis, this can make parry more intuitive
Mortal enemies, this make back stab more easy.


Fudgyduff for his CommonLibSSE
XsyoursX123 for debug and very good ideas
 for creating artwork picture for the mod
Shikyokira for the discussion of behavior file
NickNak for the compatible patch
 for the test video