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Easily change the weather to any of 23 different options in-game.

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This is a standalone edition of one of the key features included in PROTEUS. PROTEUS includes this functionality.
Only install this mod if you are not already using PROTEUS. Do not use this mod in combination with PROTEUS.

Phenderix Weather Changer will allow you to easily change the weather to any of 23 different options in-game:
  • Clear (4 variants)
  • Cloudy (4 variants)
  • Fog (3 variants)
  • Rain (2 variants)
  • Snowing
  • Blowing Wind
  • Ash
  • Apocrypha
  • Blackreach
  • Eclipse
  • Aurora
  • Sovngarde (3 variants)

The weather will eventually transition out and be replaced by whatever the game determines the next weather to be.

The weather menu can be brought up by holding down the right bracket key ].
This hotkey is changeable with the included MCM.

This mod is an ESL and will not count towards your maximum total mod count.

Alternatively, if you do not want to use the hotkey or if the hotkey isn't working for you, you can use the included spell.
Use the console and search for "Weather Changer". Use the addspell command to add this spell to your spells list.

  • UIExtensions - without it, none of the menus in this mod will properly work.
  • SKYUI - if you want the MCM and configurable hotkeys


  • Initial release.

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Phenderix Weather Changer - easily change the weather in-game to any of 23 included options
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