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This mod adds spells that allow you to summon 3 creatures at once using a single spell cast!

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Released on November 9th, 2019!

Alternative versions and download locations:
Released for Skyrim SE on PC (Bethesda, Nexus)
Released for Skyrim SE on Xbox One (Bethesda)

I strongly encourage you to use Magic World with this mod! 

The 21 spells listed below will allow the caster to summon 3 creatures at once with a single spell cast!

They can be acquired from a chest on Farengar's desk in Whiterun.

Host - Atronach
Host - Familiar
Host - Flaming Familiar
Host - Dremora Lord
Host - Ghost Maiden
Host - Ghost Warrior
Host - Skeletal Minions
Host - Riekling Minions
Host - Spider (Jumping)
Host - Mudcrab
Host - Mudcrab (Giant)
Host - Nature Friends
Host - Farm Friends
Host - Chaurus
Host - Spriggan
Host - Slaughterfish
Host - Wolf Pack (Mixed)
Host - Wolf Pack (Alpha)
Host - Worf Pack (Alpha/Mixed)
Host - Wolf Pack (Alpha/Red)
Host - Wolf Pack (Alpha/Ice)

The spells require the Twin Souls perk to cast correctly and spawn all three creatures.
For the purposes of this mod, I've changed the Conjuration "Twin Souls" perk to "Triple Summon" to allow for 3 summons instead of two.

No planned updates.

Can I use this mod with Phenderix Magic World?
Yes, you can. The content added by this mod is not contained in Phenderix Magic World.

Didn't these spells used to be part of Phenderix Magic World and Phenderix Magic Evolved??
Yes, they used to be part of Magic World and Magic Evolved. However, in the latest updates to Magic World and Magic Evolved, I removed these spells. I did this because (1) I didn't want to add spells in Magic World/Evolved that required perk changes for the spells to work properly and (2) I felt like these spells cluttered spell menus and were not that popular with users. I have released these spells here, however, so that the small minority of people who enjoyed Host spells can continue to enjoy using them in Skyrim SE on PC and XB1.

Can I use this mod with Ordinator or another perk overhaul mod?
This mod should work with other perk mods that allow for 3 summons. (Like Ordinator for example) Simply load the perk mod after this one in your load order.
If your intended perk mod doesn't allow for 3 summons and you put it after this mod in your load order, this mod won't work properly.

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PROTEUS Mod Explorer and Spawner - a subset of PROTEUS that includes only the cheat functions to add items and spawn NPCs
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Phenderix Magic SPID - gives Phenderix Magic spells to NPCs across Skyrim in a balanced way
Phenderix Weather Changer - easily change the weather in-game to any of 23 included options
Phenderix Energy Consumption - hotkey to convert health and/or stamina to magicka (configurable via MCM)
Phenderix Dynamic Summons - view the stats of vanilla summons and choose to dismiss them
Phenderix Host Spells - a collection of spells that will allow you to summon 3 creatures at once