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Your brand new interdimensional home! Access it from any place of the nirn in seconds! And dont call it un-immersive!

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The most unimmersive interdimensional player home you can get from uncle sheo!

Forgot the way you came from in another ancient-nord-ruins or ancient-dwemer-ruins? Your pockets full of cheese but you also want to carry that precious wooden sword that lies over there? No more! Uncle sheo got you on this, your new dimensional rift home allows you to safely teleport to your warm place and get back where you left in mere seconds!

Features all needed workbenches, a cheese-tonn of chests, treasury, shrines, doomstones, and everything that a great warrior needs! Do not search for cheese castle, there is none now.

And custom music! (probably). Up to 6 custom music tracks that you choose yourself, just drop them in Data/Music/Personal Quarter and make sure they are either WXM or WAV format and they are named PQMusic01-PQMusic06. And dont mix the formats.

You even have your personal merchant that will buy all your junk and sell supplies! But dont ask her about cheese, she really dont like to talk about that incident...

And dont call it un-immersive! I unnimmersed your many-tonn mother into a chicken! And not because shes fat, but because shes a dragon that invented the unholy melted cheese! Or from who did you thought dragon-born was born?
How to get:
Eat the spellbook that you can find in whiterun dragonsreach on the Farengars table.



"I tried teleporting back but ended up in main hall and now I lost my return location" - Have you read a book in your life?

The screenshots have different stuff! - I made them with many mods installed altering many objects and visuals (Mainly NAT.ENB III and Skyrim 202X)

Person that changed key to open enb menu in NAT.ENB is a moron, change my mind

ID of the spellbook just in case: xx005894

MONSTERaider - and his personal quarter mod for idea and original mod that I remade
Expired - for the teleportation script source