Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Teleport to your Personal Quarter from any place and return to where you were.

Permissions and credits
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Please read the sticky post for extra information

This mod features:
• Teleport from any place to your Personal Quarter and return to where you were (must be out of combat) get the spell book from Dragonsreach (check the last picture for location)
• Teleport from your Personal Quarter to Skyrim at The Guardian Stones (use the moon plate above the window at the center)
• Crafting stations including:
Anvil, Workbench, Grindstone, Tanning Rack, Smelter, Arcane Enchanter, Staff Enchanter, Alchemy Lab and Cooking Pot
• Weapon and Shield Racks and Dagger Display Cases
• Mannequin for displaying your armor and a Training Dummy
• Bunch of containers to store your items
• Double bed that works as a regular bed and a coffin (for vampires) at the same time
• All shrines are available inside including DLC shrines
• Decoration clutter is static, so you can practice spells inside and nothing will move (except for one soul gem)
• Your companion won't follow you inside this quarter, it's your personal space that no one can invade, but you can still summon them using mods like AFT or using console commands
• Switch buttons that toggle some interior items to your liking
• 6 Custom background music that can be changed to your liking
• Light rays that go through the windows change color based on time, they will be bright white during the day, blue during the night and yellow during dusk and dawn:

Please follow these instructions:
• You can install using any mod manager like Vortex or NMM
• You can install manually by extracting the files to Data folder
• Make sure that ESP, BSA files and Music folder are installed inside the Data folder
For compatibility put this mod in your load order BEFORE anything that alters Skyrim world, like Water Two or Open Cities
Custom Music:
- You can play your custom music in background during your stay in Personal Quarter.
- You can add music up to 6 files, the music format should be either "xwm" or "wav".
- Go to: \Data\Music\Personal Quarter\
- You need to rename your music files to:


or to:


Don't keep both extensions with same names at the same time, either choose wav or xwm.
Use programs like MultiXwm to change wav files to xwm and vice versa.


RUGNAROK + SMIM + Rens Shrines for beautiful showcase in video and pictures
evenstargw for Wigs Cell that gave me the idea to create this mod
jkrojmal for the idea of toggle buttons
Teabag86 for the toggle script source
Expired for the teleportation script source
Caithe for the idea of background music
zilav for the essential SSEEdit
• Bethesda for creating this awesome game!

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