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I was always bothered with the fact that ELFX didn't touch hearthfire. This is an addon which captures ELFX and adds it to hearthfire as an aesthetic addon.

Permissions and credits
ELFX shadows - Hearthfire Light Addon

From now on SiweX92 allowed me to use V.1.14 and completely use it as an independent mod. Thanks a lot, I absolutely appreciate it!.I re-uploaded the meshes I chose during the fomod installation.  It doesn't require the main mod.  This allows the mod to be independent from now on. Ofcourse; SiweX92 is still fully creditted for his hard work.

The amazing mod hearthfire light - reshaped by SiweX92 did what most author's for lighting mods did not do. Reshape the entire lighting on hearthfire homes.
This addon simply brings the ELFX aesthetic to hearthfire homes. And your hearthfire home will be fully ELFX-Styled.

The reason why I actually named it ELFX Shadows - Hearthfire Light Addon is because it is the latest awesome ELFX Shadows addon for ELFX, making the classic lighting mod feel even more next-gen. Simply put: why not use the next best thing for ELFX?

I think this will be a great adition to your gaming experience if you're looking for complete consistancy!

Highly recommended to use  ELFX Shadows made possible by Wizkid and Nicola


  • The main file's dependancy is for the base Enhanced Lights and FX plugin by anamorfus
  • Recolors and reshapes some lightbulbs. The main chandelier in the second hall is hanging lower on an extended chain as well. And there's an extra candle-chandelier on the table in that same hall to emit more light. This all with no flickering.
  • Adjusted the bulb in the first stage of the home and repositioned it at the firepit. And made sure it emits enough light
  • The old enhancer or the new enhancer can be loaded after and you get the ELFX+Enhancer look. Unsure about ELFX Hardcore atm.
  • You can choose not to use shadows or enhancer. And it will still fit base ELFX.
  • Also has my previous non-dependancy version up as an optional. For those who use different lighting setups. This optional file which is available does NOT require ELFX at all. It's a custom made template for hearthfire which mimics ELFX+Enhancer.

 - Screenshots taken on Rudy ENB for Obsidian -


Simply download with your favorite mod manager.

Load the file folder (the meshes etc) BEFORE Ember XD.

Load order for ESP's:
  • Embers XD . esp
  • Enhanced Lights and FX . esp
  • Embers XD - ELFX Patch . esp
  • (Optional) ELFX Shadows . esp
  • ELFX - Hearthfire Light Addon . esp
  • (Optional) ELFX Enhancer . esp

  • Any lighting mod you like
  • ELFX Styled Hearthfire Light

About compatibility:

  • The independent version is compatible with any lighting mod. Unless the other lighting mod edits hearthfire as well. For example; Lux uses it's own Hearthfire edits and meshes. It could work if loaded after, but can't promise anything.

All credits to SiweX92