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This mod aims to bring better visual experience at buildable houses from Hearthfire dlc. It can be called remastered version of Improved Hearthfire Lighting SE, but it's made from scratch with dozen of dozens adjustments and much more complex light model.

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Hearthfire Light


After some time of breaking with Skyrim i came back again but now instead of chasing bandits and hunting dragons i just living my peasent life, umm... sort of (you know sometimes you need to decapitate thing or two). Ahh... milk and butter! But no more digressions. So for what reason I suppose to use this mod instead of Improved Hearthfire Lightning SE... well i don't know maybe some videos and image section will answer for this question. So without further ado what have been done:

    - disabled all vanila ugly and misplaced, without source lights

    - added dozen of dozens new lights coming exactly from sources like: candles, candelabres, chandeliers, fireplaces and so on

    - adjusted occlusion

    - reshaped vanilla meshes, splitted them into tiny tiny little pieces to eliminate "flickering festival" and optimized them for lights

    - added 6 dynamic lights (1 in entrance, 2 in main hall, 1 in back building (whatever you choose) and 2 for cellar)

    - added new horn chandeliers and adjusted positions of some of them

    - new meshes for windows to "kind of simulate" change the time of day (only for enb users)

    - new corrected meshes for terrace for correct impact sound and collision

    - optional plugin with switchable fireplace


This is a footage from finalFinal version of this mod with new addon.

This video presents lightning of 6 rooms: entrance, main hall, kitchen, alchemy laboratory, bedroom and cellar. All captured with personal enb and enb lights as well without enb.

In this one you can see details of 3 other rooms: library, greenhouse and storage room.

And at last: enchanter's tower, armory and trophy room.


I recommend to use mod manager for installation, dropping files like that can mess around sometimes (I know what i'm talking about xD). To ensure that your household not transform into "flickering christmas tree" you need to overwrite every files if something pop up and also load plugin as low as possible.

Recommended mods

ENB Light - highly recommended but can drastically lower frame rate near candles
ENB Particle Glow - Candles - new and much fps friendly version of ENB Light for candles, but can be too overbright


It should be compatible with everything which doesn't touch _byoh inside meshes, doesn't add new lights to them as well as doesn't add particularly big objects of a half size of room or somthing like that. This mod was created to work best with ELFX because ELFX doesn't touch Hearthfire houses. With ver. 1.18 I checked all the combinataion. There is no flicker issues with any of possible buildable wing combination.

Known issues

In this mod i pushed bounderies to limits of engine (and my abilities). All of added lights are strict to boundries of meshes and so on can't add more without "flickering festival" (at least at some particular places). If you will walk into back of main hall with torch or other source light then (outdated "Christmas will come to you much earlier. Ask Santa for gift to me!") you can notice the bare minimum of flickering on the ceiling and floor on the ground floor but only with 3 specific combinations of wings.


Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Creation Kit

xEdit team for SSEEdit